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  • Ebay warning

    Todays Ebay search revealed page after page of Chinese,car covers,plastic hub caps,seat covers & floor mats that fit every year & model of Studebaker you could imagine.
    THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW! Against using the web site to advertise this junk.

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    I saw that this morning while looking through the Studebaker section. EBAY must be giving those sellers a deal because I saw at least 40 pages of pure junk, not even related to anything Studebaker. Bud


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      There's already been an ongoing discussion on this, here:

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        What was once was a shopper-friendly site is no more. ebay gives bulk listers a super cheap deal and ignores all complaints from users who call attention to these jerks who violate their policy. If ebay won't enforce their rules against keyword spamming & misleading titles & search terms they should change their rules. I have a long exclusion list, and then I always add - fits, - cover -covers whenever I search. Who needs a $900. set of plastic chi-com wheel covers, headlight hoods, or tissue paper car cover?
        Barry'd in Studes


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          Yesterday was a "free listing day" on EBAY so these guys took full advantage of loading up the pages with their junk.


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            Do you suppose anyone buys any of that crap?
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              Where else can you find a PCV valve for your 49 Avanti?
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