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1950s Car Haulers

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  • 1950s Car Haulers

    I don't know how this will work as the link opens a PowerPoint presentation on a number of different car haulers in the 1950s. I included it in this Forum because there are some nice Studebakers and one Packard hauler in the presentation.
    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
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    Worked fine. Great show!
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      Slide #7 and #11 are dupes!
      Brad Johnson,
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        Thanks for posting this. Those old car haulers are fun to look at.
        Joe Roberts
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          I LOVE THAT FILM !
          Wow, even many of the car haulers had style back then. The factories seemed to only use their brand of trucks to ship with, the trailers themselves looked like cool high end busses or train cars rather than just generic square tube steel frames like now. Everything just had class back then, it is all basic function now, no show. Cooler times for sure and that music was great.


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            Thanks for the slide show I enjoyed it.