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50 comm passenger side mirror

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  • 50 comm passenger side mirror

    I have a customer that is looking to put a rear view mirror on the passenger side door. Was that ever an option for these cars? If not any leads or ideas on a period correct mirror would be welcome.

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    The one picture I have of my '50 LC is of the driver's side, it appears to have a mirror very similar to AC 1400 on page 50 of the current SI catalog. If the passenger side was available as an option, it would have been this same mirror, possibly with a different head, but I don't think it was available.


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      It was the same mirror as used on the driver's side. I have at least one NOS one for sale.

      The issue is that if you put it in the "proper" location (same location as the driver's side mirror), the mirror is absolutely useless. Tom Elliott's former '51 coupe has both mirrors.. You can't even see the pass. side one while driving the car.


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        They do look spiffy but, as Matt indicated, virtually useless function. I have left and right on my '51. Sure is pretty.
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