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Another one probably headed to scrap

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  • Another one probably headed to scrap

    Ok here is another Stude that is probably going to be headed to the scrap yard soon. Can you see anything on this car worth saving? There is no rear axle, no front drums, the dash is all cut up. The inside looks worse than the outside. Can someone tell me what they think the engine is.

    TDITS The Dude In The Stude

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    If the wiper motor and underdash arms parts are refurbisheable, those are 12v and would be wanted by anyone converting a '53-'55 car.

    No hawk expert, but is that pc of chrome visible next to where the missing bumper would be that part that folks are always looking for since its missing?

    Check the doors and front fenders for how bad the rust is. May be fixable to those with worse ones.

    Other than that, a gold mine of clips, some pot metal trim, interior garnish trim and other small items that often go missing during a restoration.
    Jeff in ND


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      I'd pull the 4 barrel intake. The engine color indicates a 61 but you'd have to run the number to tell cubic inch. Looks like the dist is gone or it would be a window type Delco. I might be laying around in the car somewhere. It might also have the longer crankshaft bolt.

      Gordon S


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        I have started with worst but I was a much younger man

        where is it?

        Jeff T.
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          I'd pull the window regulators. If you scrap the engine I'd pull the heads & exhaust manifolds as well. Steering box?
          Good luck. Rob in PA.


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            Jeff mentions that stainless that the hood lip closes against . Every bit as important is the odd-shaped "bar" it mounts to - spanning from one fender to the other. Those suffer badly in collisions, and they're way too complicated to be repopped at reasonable cost.
            The wiper motor, the Climatizer components, fins - "batwing" crossmember. More...........
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              How rusted out are the fins? If they are fixable, they should be saved.
              Chris Dresbach


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                A 289 crank would make the scrap worthwhile.

                If I still had my '57 Caddy 62 I could probably use some stuff from the car behind it.
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                  Is the engine a 289? If so I might be interested in it. What tranny does it have?


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                    Ah, that'll rub right out. Geez I hate to see these cars scrapped.
                    My first car on the road again!

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                      You know when people say pictures don't do a car justice, well as bad as it looks in the pictures it's worse in person. I don't know for sure it is going anywhere any time soon; but the truck I posted about last week going to scrap was sitting right next to it.
                      Some things people have mentioned. 4 barrel intake, yes I would get that, just not sure about anything else on the motor. Steering box, it doesn't have one; the column and everything is gone.The fins are rusted. The left one has about a 2 inch hole rusted through it, the right one the bottom edge is gone. I don't know what transmission it has, or if it even has one. The car is sitting in the ground, no rear end in the car, and the front is just the spindles so it has sunk pretty good. With no front or rear glass it has filled with leaves and debris, plus a bunch of other crap in the car I couldn't tell if it had a floor shifter or not, and like I said the steering column is gone and it looks like someone took a sawzaw to the dash.
                      You just don't find many Studebaker parts cars around here, and when I heard about this Hawk I was hoping to find some good parts. But after seeing it I left pretty disappointed. It has been pretty well stripped, and whats left is in sad shape.
                      TDITS The Dude In The Stude


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                        It is too early to have a "floor shifter" from the factory.
                        Gary L.
                        Wappinger, NY

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                          Originally posted by studegary View Post
                          It is too early to have a "floor shifter" from the factory.
                          What makes you say that? The engine color is right for a '61, so it could have been a 4-speed if that's the case. Not much left of the fins, but the drivers side faintly looks like it could have had '61 trim. Admittedly, it's very hard to tell in the pics with what's left.
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                            What year do you think it is?

                            Originally posted by studegary View Post
                            It is too early to have a "floor shifter" from the factory.
                            TDITS The Dude In The Stude


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                              I'd guess '61,from looking at the left fin and the valve cover color. If the engine happens to be original to the car,it is a 289. BTW,Stude Int. has NOS fins in stock. Not really cheap,but if someone needs 'em get 'em while they"re hot!!