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Tour of Bldgs. 84, 112 and 113.

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  • Tour of Bldgs. 84, 112 and 113.

    Abe Marcus who owns the bldgs. which contain the old body assembly plant said he would give tours of the bldgs. for $5 a person of which he would donate $1 to the charity of our choice. They are very large bldgs. that don't have much in them except old cars stored in them and as Abe said if you go through bring your imagination. Have to figure out a way to get head count and times of tours. Any ideas or comments. This is one of the last remaining Stude bldgs.

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    Has there been any follow up on this tour as day and time?


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      Originally posted by COMMANDERPINK1 View Post
      Has there been any follow up on this tour as day and time?
      Wednesday morning. About 8:00
      Chris Dresbach


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        How do we sign up for this?

        I am so confused by this whole convention schedule.
        We've got all these different venues that are not walking distance to each other, different hotels, a shuttle bus that has an unknown schedule. A host hotel that seems to have only paid parking.

        This tour sounds interesting. If I and my friend want to be on it, where do we meet up for it, who do we tell to include us, how do we get there?
        How long will it take?
        Just a vague Wednesday morning at 8am and some building numbers guarantees I can not be on it because I can't figure it out.


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          I understand your confusion. Having a Meet with two different venues often can be. There are a couple of reasons why the time is vague, and it will not be soon. This tour is not even on the Schedule of Events, and Tim is getting the details taken care of. When he does, it will be posted. Tim does not have a pc at this point and I will do my best to make sure that you know. The confusing part of all this and the reason why it is not solidified is because the building was recently sold. The new owner would like to share his facility but right now he doesn't have the keys. Tim is doing his best to work with the new owner, and we will update you as soon as we have some more information.

          Please call me at 574-229-6280, and I believe I can put your mind at ease.