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  • Champ Accident update

    Things are progressing smoothly on the way to getting the truck repaired. Just a few hiccups so far. The owner of the SUV's insurance company is paying for my damages & rental car. A new bed panel assembly is being ordered from SI. Cost is about $1100 delivered. Meanwhile the starter bendix ground to a halt & the ring gear is also damaged. Precision in New Hampton Iowa has a freshly rebuilt torque converter/ring gear assembly that is being shipped out today. While it's in the shop the brakes & wheel cylinders are also being replaced. When all repairs are complete the insurance company wants the truck towed to the body shop because of the leaky gas tank.
    The adjuster wants to see the truck again because since he last saw it the driver's door & fender are rubbing & paint has chipped off the door. Maybe cab mounts?
    The unlicensed driver that hit me has hired an attorney. I am seeing a chiropractor 4 days a week. My insurance will only cover up to $1000 in my medical expenses. I have an appt. Wednesday with a lawyer. Coincidentally, I played the client in a TV commercial for this law firm about 20 years ago. My wife & the lawyer's wife also once worked together. SC law does not allow my company to be reimbursed by the other company for my medical expenses.
    As stated in a previous post, the policeman at the accident is from South Bend, the collision shop estimator is from South Bend, & now the UPS Store owner handling my parts shipping is also from SB.
    Everyone involved has been helpful & I have also received some good advice from SDC members. Will update as this all progresses. Robert

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    Cool beans! There IS a God after all.

    Sold my 1962; Studeless at the moment

    Borrowed Bams50's sigline here:

    "Do they all not, by mere virtue of having survived as relics of a bygone era, amass a level of respect perhaps not accorded to them when they were new?"


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      The best defense is a good offense...give 'em heck!
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        I have a feeling that the insurance company with the SUV that hit you is being very complient with you knowing you could get what you deserve one way or another.
        Joe Roberts
        '61 R1 Champ
        '65 Cruiser
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          agree with "all of the above".

          except, see a orthopedic specialist or neurologist for any pain symptoms!!! don't worry what the other insurance company has for a medical limit. that will all go out the window if your attorney files a claim in court. remember, you have the "civil law" side of the fence to protect you. the driver and maybe the owner of the other vehicle will also have to deal with criminal charges as well.

          and please, other folks: don't take this as a slam on chiropractors, or "tort" reform.
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            Looks like a whole bucnh of people from South Bend are looking out for a South Bend truck...

            'Glad this is all working out.
            Chris Dresbach


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              Good to have that report, Bob. Hang tough! BP
              We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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                Received a cheque today for $4000. If there is any hidden damage there will be a supplemental check issued. Driving a Hyundai Sonata rental. It just isn't a Stude!


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                  Hyundai Sonata cool factor 1-10= 0.5
                  Stude cool factor 1-10=9.5
                  Cash is king though as they say.


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                    I'm glad your being taken care of well Robert. When this ordeal is over with let us know the name of the insurance company too.
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