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  • A/C in Wagons

    Would '58 have been the 1st offering of A/C in Studebaker and Packard station wagons? Thanks, Dan

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    I have a Studebaker under dash unit from what I thought was 1957 so at least is available in 56 or 57......??


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      The '57 wagons brochure clearly shows off available power windows, seats, steering and brakes but makes no mention of available air conditioning. Since this was back in the heyday of Mark IV aftermarket units my guess is that, if A/C was available for '57 it was as a dealer-installed option. I'll bet Matt Burnette will know for sure... or be able to find out tout suite. Why do you ask?


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        JKG 940, It's my understanding that prior to '58, all A/C options on all models involved a trunk mounted evaporator. If that's the case, then before underdash evaporators, first available in '58, wagons just would not have been able to accomodate the trunk mounted unit. By mid '57 dealers probably had access the newly designed '58 underdash units and likely some got into some '57s. But factory installed, that's another story. Thanks, Dan