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4 inch heater duct

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  • 4 inch heater duct

    Anyone know a source for 4 inch heater duct hose in long lengths, ie for a 55 President sedan.
    American iron, real old school
    With two tone paint, it sure is cool

    Its got 8 cylinders and uses them all
    With an overdrive that just won't stall

    With a 4 barrel carb and dual exhausts
    With 4.23 gears it can really get lost

    Its got safety belts and I ain't scared
    The brakes are good and the tires are fair.

    Tried to sell her, but got no taker
    I"ll just keep driving my Studebaker

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    Should be available at Studebaker International....or several other vendors.



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      I have an unopened box of it sitting on my shelf from SI that I will probably never use. I think it's 4 feet or so?? Maybe more? I can check to make sure. Make an offer....


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        You could possibly use flexible METAL clothes drier duct found at any hardware store.


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          Clothes dryer hose just doesn't look right, but would work in a pinch. Big trucks still use the black flexible hose for some applications. A well stocked auto parts store may have it or can get it quickly.
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            I got a good grade of 4" Aluminum flex duct hose at a local HVAC installer and spray painted it with black chimney paint. It works great, it looks good...and it was about $5. CASOs forever!
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            W-3 4 Dr. Sedan
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              To: greyben,----------- There's nothing wrong with the good suggestions above, but to Me it's another case of spending the extra few bucks and ordering from our dedicated Stude parts vendors. In the long run
              I think this attitude helps Us all-----Just a thought.


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                We have some, over here in WA state. you can click on my profile and email me.


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                  my aluminum dryer duct pipe will be coming out as soon as I get a few $$$$... it was quick, easy, and looks like crap.


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                    I got mine from Bob Kapteyn. A little less than SI and correct and good service.
                    Dryer duct is too flimsey. HVAC duct will work fine with black paint.

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                      Bought mine from SASCO when I was in South Bend a couple of years ago but SI have it. Wouldn't bother looking anywhere else when you know a Studebaker vendor stocks the item.
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