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'52 Starliner - I've Never Seen One, Is the Roof Chopped?

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  • '52 Starliner - I've Never Seen One, Is the Roof Chopped?

    Saw this in my daily James List feed. I can't remember ever seeing one of these back in the day. Is the roof a custom job or did they come from the factory like that?
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    It's rare.................but it's real!!


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      Just the way God made them (other than the non-body-color rear fender welt). A Champion Six but still a lovely car.
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        Yep, entirely stock.

        That body style was fairly popular, too, for '52: Studebaker built 12,119 Champion Starliners, the subject car.

        The Commander Starliner was even more popular at 14,548 units.

        In fact, the Commander Starliner was so popular that only the Land Cruiser (20,117) and Commander Regal 4-door (22,037) outsold the Starliner in the Commander series. BP
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          Any tread detailing the virtues of the 52 Hardtop should include this link: , thanks to forum member Michidan.


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            The dark top may make it look lower, but it's stock.

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              You could not build that car for what they are asking!!

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                I have a Commander and I showed it to one of my co workers that is into hot rods and the first thing he suggested was chopping the roof.
                My car is a one year body style hard top Its the second best thing about the car, First being that it is a Studebaker, and I'll not be messing with it.
                Besides have you ever priced a roof chop ? ($dang$)



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                  Lots more photos here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...highlight=1952



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                    Here's the "local" 52 Starliner, based in Brantford ON and seen at a cruise near Paris just after the owner got it back on the road...