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Eye Candy for 2/5/12: 64 Daytona HT

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  • Eye Candy for 2/5/12: 64 Daytona HT

    Grimsby Museum gathering, August 2009; this hardtop was owned at the time by Hamilton Chapter prez Barry Leppan, and was restored to match the final South Bend car that's displayed in SNM (except for the grey AR wheels). Barry later sold the Daytona and it moved to the Ottawa area. He still has a gorgeous white R1-powered '64 GT Hawk.


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    Nice car!.....About that final South Bend Daytona in the SNM....... There was a rumor going around years ago that a transmission wasn't installed so it could never be used. Anyone remember that?


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      I'm fairly sure the one in the SNM has (or at least had) a transmission - a four-speed - but I believe I saw on here that it no longer has a shifter.
      Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY

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        It has a transmission, because if I remember right it has 23 or 24 miles on it. I think it at least has a shifter, but it's not connected for whatever reason. That car came off the line just like any car, nothing special except that it was the last one built in South Bend (not counting Zip Vans). Studebaker managment knew that the car was significant so they put it in the corporate collection. That car was originally supposed to go to Pennsylvania, but was switched with an identical model instead. (To be saved).
        Chris Dresbach