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  • HELP the nosey bullet!

    I am getting a surge of power at high speeds when the weather is warm. (surge high 5 seconds back off five seconds surge high 5 seconds back off 5 seconds...etc etc etc. if i don't let up on the gas during all this it stalls. This only happens at speeds over 50 and not at night when the weather is cool... Bill Oliver added a heat shield over the fuel pump which did nothing. Now he has no idea what is wrong...

    Can anyone help?

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    On that problem I have no definitve reason, but I know I would start with a thorough carb cleaning, if nothing else just to eliminate that possible problem.
    Temps do affect jetting and maybe you have some restriction in your main that has you right at the edge of lean so when it warms up you are leaning out that last bit causing surging. Not neccesarily the problem, but a good start for the elimination process.


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      Try this when you have the time (not on the way to work!)

      Warm it up, take basic tools with you, go for a drive until it surges. If it stalls, let it. do you have a viewable F filter? check it.

      Remove the gas cap right away, listen for any noise, air moving.

      If you do not hear anything at the tank, look at the pump. is there a glass bowl? is it full?

      Remove the line at the F pump that comes from the tank. Is there gas here?

      If so remove the line at the carb. is there gas here?

      Remove the top of the carb, is there gas here? any dirt in sight along the bottom?


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        Excellent test that (S) reccommends. The fuel tank cap test is to see if you have a clogged or restricted tank vent. As fuel leaves the tank it must be replaced by air {think a straw with your finger over the top}. If you are not sure if you heard the air suction when you remove the cap, as long as you are at 1/2 a tank or less of fuel, you can try driving without the fuel cap for a bit and see if that remedies the surging, if it does then you only need a fuel cap.

        To go along with S input follow your fuel line all the way back to the tank and see if someone has added an inline fuel filter, a clogged filter will cause this problem, I had a Toyota truck that had gunk in the tank and ate FF until I figured it out, same symptoms, surging at high speed and full throttle.


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          This is an excellent test. I had that same problem with a motorcycle. The offending item was a tank bag that covered the gas cap. I stitched a piece of towel to the plastic where it laid over the cap and that solved the problem.