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Need a small couple parts 55 President

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  • Jeff_H
    Those are the type 2 trim attachments. Used on maybe late '53 Ks and newer. The earlier style has clips screwed to the door and the trim has buttons on the underside. May also be the same as from sedans with the pot metal trim around the door windows from a '54 ? The clip is permanently attached to the pot metal by having the pot metal peened or smashed flat on the 2 attachment "prongs" that were cast into it. The mushroomed ends cracks off or corrodes away and the clip falls off or gets left stuck in the door if the trim is pried off.

    So, it was never a separate part most likely. If you can find some loose ones that have fallen off or salvage off some otherwise junk trim is probably the only hope other than making your own somehow. I am not sure how you would attach them though. The trim is thin enough I don't think you could use a flat head screw w/o drilling through and ruining the top surface. Soldering may be possible (the pot metal restore folks can do it but maybe only after they copper plate the part first) or mayb use JB weld ??

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  • (S)
    You can use a metal tab with a stud welded to it, a nut on the backside. It can be JB welded to the pot metal, I recomend it is clean, and maybe use some 80G sandpaper to rough up the areas where it is to be glued. Don't forget to use body clay or butyl tape to seal the holes- Especially around the cowl area.

    If you insist on the proper tabs, they are hard to come by unless someone has a really rotten, un-plateable moulding in which case the clips from it may be in bad shape.

    Good luck!

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  • 5brown1
    started a topic Need a small couple parts 55 President

    Need a small couple parts 55 President

    I am hoping that someone here will have a couple of the clips that hold the pot metal trim piece along the top of the door of a hard top. They apparently are considered a part of the trim piece and I could not find them in my manuals on in the SI catalog.
    If someone has an unusable trim piece and can remove a couple it would be appreciated. If you have come up with a creative way to replace these please let me know.
    I am attaching a photo.
    I also am looking for a gas filler door and the exterior parts for an antenna which extends by means of a knob at the kick panel.

    Please use my email at:
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