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Part request: Anyone have one of these?

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  • Part request: Anyone have one of these?

    The folding step clip for the tailgate on Wagonaires (I have the step):
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    Oh my gosh! I picked one of those up off the floor yesterday and wondered what the heck is that??? Lemme see if I can find it again!

    Edit: I can't RE-find it! I know I didn't toss it, but I can't figure out where I DID put it. Funny thing is.... I found it yesterday while looking for something else. So in retracing my steps just now, I FOUND what it was I wanted yesterday (and now don't need!). <SIGH>
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      Wow Bob, that sounds like the story of my Life! Lol!

      Still looking for those little tiny clips that I have SOMEWHERE, that go on the Electric Wiper Motor shaft to hold the driver arms on!
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        2 words: bin trays . now, where did I set those bin trays?


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          Sucks to get old, doesn't it????
          Good roads
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