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  • 1961 Hawk

    I need help/advice. Looking at a 1961 Hawk that is in very good condition inside and out. The question I have is, it has a 289 in it and Im not sure this is the original engine. Also, this is the vin 61v27239...any help with this would be appreciated.

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    Pull this SDC page up and read thru it. You should find the help you need to ID the engine.
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      WELCOME the SDC Forum, Trent!!!


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        Here's where you find the stamped (not raised or cast) engine identifying number.

        It's on a machined pad on the left (driver side) front of the engine block:

        All domestic 1961 Hawks had a 289 engine standard equipment, but the number isn't the same as the car's serial number. Information in the chart in Post #2 will tell you if your engine's number is in the correct range of numbers for a 1961 engine. If it is within that range, it is probably the Hawk's original engine.

        However, that can be proven only by securing a copy of the car's Production Order from The Studebaker National Museum, which I believe can be paid for and ordered through their website. BP
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          Thanks everyone for your help. I was able to find the engine number which was P79434. Thanks again!


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            P79434 would put you motor at the later production numbers for 1961 and a Hawk model applicable number. You car serial number of 61v27239 I would think would be in the high end of a serial number for a 1961 Hawk so without having the production order in front of you, I would think you have very high odds that this is in fact the original motor for this car.
            I hope the deal works out for you and welcome to a great and helpful site.