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frustrating GT Hawk finds

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  • frustrating GT Hawk finds

    I inquired about those 2 62 GT's on the CL and then notice there is no title, no engines, the'll be sitting for sale another 10 years I suppose. The price of 1200 would be fine with me if all the stuff was in order on the sellers end. These would be a 400 dollar tow if I did it myself!

    I found a 64 GT, just sitting and has been a long time. It has a SBC swap, and is said to still run but has not run in years. The original engine set up is 'stuck' . The car had the 'start' of the usual rust that has been welded up with real metal, mice had their way with the interior. I'd pay a few grand for something like this, knowing it needs another $5k to look nice again. The price is $6k so it won't be finding a new home any time soon.

    I get a heads up email from a friend about a 63 GT sitting for sale at a tow yard for 5K, it is also not titled, front end collision wiped out half of the nose and put a hole in the oil pan. They say it runs just fine after they glued the distibutor cap back together and put tape on the oil pan. This poor car was barely 'driver condition before the wreck! These are 'car guys' for sure.

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    Talk to Bob Peterson, I know he has a 63 GT with a solid body, even has engine, trans and rough interior.


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      Here's an add you'll love similar to this thread's theme

      for those that care not to click on the link, the ad is for a 55 coupe in Columbus, NE:

      body only, no engine or frame call only 402-276-1816 takingoffers

      Perhaps this body is better than $200.00 parts car???

      Jeff T.
      \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
      The Replacements.


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        Maybe it's a Speedster 0_o


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          Craigs List is my #2 source for cars (after my personal network).

          Out of about 100 CL ads that I feel MAY be something I'm looking for and that I click on, I end up following up on 10 (either by email or phone call). Of those 10, I will probably end up being serious enough to look at one. Of those I look at, I probably buy one out of five.

          I drove 90 miles to Seattle yesterday to look at a 1993 Alfa Romeo 164L. 85 year old original owner, 89,000 miles. Described in the phone conversation as pristine in and out. It wasn't. Not because the owner was a liar, it is just that there are many definitions of the word pristine. I passed, but I'm not pissed. I know the odds plus I got to meet an nice ex UW Engineering professor.

          The most common problem is that the car is over priced. Next is actual condition not as described. The "chase" is still fun!
          Dick Steinkamp
          Bellingham, WA


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            Yes, Dick It is the chase that is the fun, one never knows until you see it with your own eyes.

            It is not that I am looking for a GT for myself, I already have my dream car.

            I do have parts requests to fill, these parts car GT's sounded good until I got the full details.

            There is also the occasional guy that wants me to find him a car to build or drive. I have the parts to put any post war back on the road. That is what these 'new to stude guys' seem to want right now.


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              Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp View Post
              there are many definitions of the word pristine.
              Then, "Pistine" enters into the equation, sometimes complicating things even more.
              The most common problem is that the car is over priced.
              The story of my life.
              The "chase" is still fun!
              Dave Lester


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                I don't know if theis one is still actually around but if so, looks pretty darn good from here;


                It's been on the hemmings site for a long while however soome of the other cars that were listed along side are long gone from the site.


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                  My gosh they are STILL selling off the Steve Williams fleet of nice Studes?

                  Rest in Peace friend!
                  Second Generation Stude Driver,
                  Proud '54 Starliner Owner
                  SDC Member Since 1967