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Time to sip a tall one tonight.....

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  • Time to sip a tall one tonight.....

    I have just enough mechanic in me to be dangerous. My mind set is that there is nothing I can't do so I frequently wade in to projects beyond my ability to tread water then spend weeks splashing around before I call in an expert. I call it real time education.

    My restores have been more cosmetic and reconstruction than of the lets change a cam this weekend variety.

    That takes me back to the Champ.... It ran when I first got it. It just didn't stop and there was so much dirt in the shag interior that to drive it around the block was a major excursion. After I restored the 3 and one half brake cylinders that were frozen, I moved straight into the interior and digging through bondo to find the source of surface rust stains, replacing floor boards, rockers etc.

    With the interior at 85% and the exterior starting to look complete from 50 feet, I turned this week to the basic stuff that makes it run..... points, rotor, distributor, plugs, wires, rebuilt the carburetor etc.

    Tonight, despite redoing most of the wiring, and replacing all these goodies at once, one shot of ether and she started right up. With the carb all primed, two hours later she started cold on the second revolution.

    Time to sit back and gloat to the wife who never doubted my abilities to someday make it run again....

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    I know the feeling. About 1973 I rebuilt a 1963 289 and it started right up! The only problem was I put the clutch plate in backwards. ( It's stamped which side goes where.) It was sure easier installing the clutch plate on the bench than under the car. Anyway, congrats on a job well done!!!!

    Mountain Home, AR


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      Congrats, I hope this will be my story soon as well. Post pics of her first drive.


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        You deserve a tall cool one! (How many cuss words did you?).
        Lou Van Anne
        62 Champ
        64 R2 GT Hawk
        79 Avanti II


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          How many??? There was the point I dropped one of the points screws onto the bell housing. Then there was the moment I realized I couldn't get a feeler anywhere near the point gap. And, then there was getting those push and turn clips to turn with those v shaped screwdriver slots. You'd think it had been designed by Chevy.