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  • <--- headed north ---> 1952 Pick up

    Bought a very nice pick up last week. Rene Harger called me indicating a close friend of his passed away and his daughter was selling some of his things to take care of final expenses. Rene has done quite a lot of work on the truck in the last few years. Front disc brakes...small block chevy....power steering....Camero Rear rear differential....tilt wheel etc. I have no clue what one of these trucks is worth. Any input is appreciated....only have the picture of it ourside Rene's place taken a year or so ago. Rene says it is a nice truck......we shall see.

    Attached is photo of the truck next to car. It is presently Pea Green. I have been wanting a nice 49-55 Studebaker truck and the additional photo's attached are some I pulled off the internet over the past few months....narrowing down the color to one of these...using the wide white radials and the baby moons. It a great look. Any color more desirable than another ?
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    I like the original green. My opinion and worth what you paid for it.


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      I purchased the truck based on Rene's recommendation. It is well worth what I doubt. I want to go thru it, after I drive her this summer, to update and add some things. Thought while I had her apart i would strip the paint to bare metal and give her new look. I have not seen the color in person. But will now look her over and consider your suggestion on using the original paint color....but with the nostalgic wheels and tires.


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        Nice truck Mike....I restored a '50 a few years ago , they sure are a fun truck . Mine was also a green one.

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          What's wrong with the color?

          Jon Stalnaker
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            I like the green too,

            Is it pea or pee tho ?



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              Mom always said, "If it's green it was picked too soon. Sit it on the windowsill for a few days."
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                If YOU prefer the Dark Green on #2, the Mint Green on the '55 #3, that very nice Turquoise Green Color on the '55 #4, or the Darker Blue/Green on #5 then do it YOUR way! All of them beat the light Apple Green it currently is, IMHO.
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                  Very nice truck; 'sounds like a good time.

                  Color is so much a matter of personal preference that if you like it, it's a good color.

                  (Personally, that color in a non-metallic does seem to sit unusually well on those trucks; something about it seems "right.")

                  Cool beans! BP
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                    I love the color it is now and so does my wife. Of those 5 pics, my fav is #2 the dark green, but I am partial since my truck is about that color. The only color I am not a fan of in that 5 pic set is the minty green Transtar. Not my fav, but that is just preference. The other 4 are great. Jons looks great in that sea foamy green.