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    I had stopped to fill up the 51 at the truck stop on 412. I pulled in picked up the nozzle and started pumping. A guy walked over and said what is the deal. I tried the card it didn't work pushed the button to pay inside nothing. So I took my card inside to pump gas. You drive in and start pumping. I looked at him and said. I guess because you are not driving a Studebaker. He looked kind of funny for a second or so and then started to laugh. He said I guess Studebaker's has there privileges.
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    Why, yes it does!
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      When we at the Tri-State Meet in South Carolina I won a cap that said South Carolina Palmetto Chapter Studebaker. A year later we at a swap meet in Shawnee, Ok. I was wearing the cap. A guy walked up to me and said I hope you didn't come all the way from South Carolina to look for Studebaker Parts.


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        Funny Studebaker Stories? stupid Studebaker stories count? One time I was changing the oil in my Champ and forgot to replace the drain plug before adding four quarts of new oil. You can imagine the words that came out of my mouth!...really stupid!
        Lou Van Anne
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          When I was about 6 years old, my father traded his trusty, battered 1939 Ford Standard sedan in on a '50 Studebaker, breaking a tradition of having owned nothing but Ford products his entire life. The new Studebaker was pretty modern, even had an amazing dome light that would come on when you opened the door!! I was fascinated by the mind boggling technology in that feature and, with a little exploring, I found the magic button in the door jamb that caused the light to come on. While waiting to go to Grandma's house to show off the new car, I was using my thumb on the rear passenger "suicide" door to activate the light. The other three doors were closed, and my older sister came out, decided the rear door should also be closed and slammed it shut.....on my thumb. I began hollering and she tried to open the door but couldn't. Dad came running out and tried to open the door and he couldn't either. Meanwhile, I am hollering louder so Dad went to find a crowbar to pry the door open. Just then, a neighbor, hearing all the commotion, came running over. Luckily, he knew there was an interlock that only allowed the rear "suicide" door to be opened when the front door was opened first.... Dad thought my thumb looked like it was crushed, it was totally flat, but it started to regain its shape and when he was satisfied it wasn't going to fall of, we all got back in the Studebaker and drove to Grandma's house. Dad traded that Stude in on a '51 Ford Crestline a couple of months later and never bought another Studebaker.


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            One time I took the '40 down the road to the Dairy Queen in Walkerton with my brother. We went through the drive thru, and sat in the parking lot just watching the traffic go by. After a couple minutes a couple of younger guys (maybe in there 20s) walked by. They were, uh, different... They looked at the car, then yelled to me "Hey dog, what's the b**** got under the hood?!" I wasn't going to lie, so I just said "Studebaker flathead." To which the one replied "Man, that thing is sick!!!" That made me laugh. I guess the car does sound like a bit of a hot rod with a glasspack under it.
            Chris Dresbach


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              I have posted this before, but...

              Matt Frushour and I went to the Springfield meet together. His '63 R2 Hawk is Ermine White with a red interior. He and Jim McCuan had their '63's (Avanti in Jim's case) side by side in the parking lot. It was around 1 or 2 AM; hoods were up and detailing was being done. I'm standing with my hands in my pocket observing when a young couple walks up to the Hawk and starts looking it over. (I think they were drawn to the highly polished stainless trim). They were both my age, maybe a year or two younger. Matt starts talking them up and learns that she is a "dancer" at the local Pink Pony Caberet. I hear laughing and then, "Alright, so what's your name?" And she replies with "Cupcake". She gave Matt a personal invitation to come watch her show.

              The fun came the next day. Jim and I were out making noise in the Avanti and pulled into the hotel for the night. Matt was already in his room asleep, even though he'd told the girl that he was going to go down to the Caberet. I asked Jim for a napkin and a Sharpie, and I tried out my most female-like handwriting. On the note I wrote "Missed you tonight! Come see me! ~Cupcake (with a drawn heart)". Jim is laughing the entire time and I placed the note under his windshield wiper.

              The next morning, Matt gave Jim a ride somewhere and says, "Well, looks like someone thinks they're a comedian." Jim plays it off cool and then the blame gets put on me. When Matt asked me about it, I started laughing, but told him that I was only laughing because Jim had already told me about it. Somehow, Matt wasn't suspicious.

              To this day, Matt still thinks that the dancer is the one that wrote the note. I almost think he'd be disappointed if he found out that wasn't true. Matt isn't one for naming his cars, but McCuan decided that an off-white with red interior Hawk looked a lot like a red velvet cupcake.

              Now, every time I talk to Matt; "Well, I was working on Cupcake today..."


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                A guy waiting for my barber to get his hair notices my '50 Starlight parked out front and asks me "What kind of car is that" My answer was " It's a Studebaker,an American car."

                Mountain Home, AR


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                  We were displaying our Studebakers for the California State fair when a woman that appeared to be in her 80s came up to our vice president Johna and said to her - "you'd be surprized what I used to do in the back seat of one of those".....
                  Jon Stalnaker
                  Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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                    I'm still laughing 10 minutes later.

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                  Originally posted by Sdude View Post
                  We were displaying our Studebakers for the California State fair when a woman that appeared to be in her 80s came up to our vice president Johna and said to her - "you'd be surprized what I used to do in the back seat of one of those".....
                  Watched drive in movies? I am sure that is whaat she meant.


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                    I was filling up the Avanti and a group in their thirty’s asked what the car was. I told them an Avanti. They said, “Oh, one of those Italian cars”. I said,
                    “No, a Studebaker”. They then asked what a Studebaker was.
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                      Originally posted by ST2DE5 View Post
                      When we at the Tri-State Meet in South Carolina I won a cap that said South Carolina Palmetto Chapter Studebaker. A year later we at a swap meet in Shawnee, Ok.
                      Maybe not so much 'funny', but I earned a baseball hat because I was driving a Studebaker. I was on my way home from the 2001 zone meet where I drove Big Bertha, which has a top speed of 50 mph. I still had a few loose ends on it including the rear wiring to the taillights. I had only the stop and signal lights working until I got the new harness from Studebakers West. It was starting to get dark by 9:30, and rather than risk a ticket, or worse, a bad accident, I decided to pull over at a mom & pop hotel some 80 miles south of town and call it a night. Because of its 195" wheelbase, I was unable to park in one of the standard parking stalls, and had to park on the lot next to the highway. I was somewhat worried as it did stand out rather prominently like that, but they said they'd keep an eye on it. This was on a Sunday night when most hotels usually have vacancies. The next morning, I went into the office to checkout and turn in my key, the owner presented me with this nice baseball hat with the hotel's name and logo on it. Turned out, several travellers stopped to look at Big Bertha parked beside the highway, but a fair number also decided to call it a night and check into that hotel, filling the place up! He told me he hardly ever had a full-house on a Sunday night when it wasn't a long weekend, and I thus unexpectedly earned myself a hat!

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                        Had an interesting one today...
                        We've been having some strange weather here lately, for the last day of January it was 55 outside today. It just seemed like a good day to get out the '40 and drive it to work... The car has been parked since late fall, I don't take it out when it's either really cold or snowing. I knew it was low of gas, but I though it had at least enough to get to the gas station about 4 miles down the road...Was I ever wrong!!! I was driving down SR. 23 when it started to sputter out. I figured it was probably just out of fuel, so I put it in neutral and coasted it down a side road until it came to a stop. I didn't have a fuel can with me, and wasn't about to push it to the gas station. Nobody was home either to get me Jeep and a tow chain. Needless to say, I had a few choice words at this point! Little did I know that my car had drifted to a stop right in front of a fellow SDC members house!! This was by pure chance, I had no idea who lived there. Her name is Suzie. She drove up, and said "Chris, I think you're out of gas..." Yup. Long story short she gave me a ride back to my house where I had a full gas can. I guess it pays to be in the club!
                        Chris Dresbach


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                          I may have told this one here before but I can't find it...

                          My father had Polio and accordingly our Studebakers all had hand controls installed. The design had a spring loaded lever between the steering wheel and column shift that could easily be moved and held with a finger while holding the wheel. Up from center was accelerator and down from center activated a second air brake driven master cylinder in the trunk.

                          I took the '55 President off to college. One lazy fall noon I'm driving to an eatery in the small Indiana college town with 5 "friends". The street was very wide and I was driving only perhaps 20 to 25 miles an hour in no hurry to get anywhere. The brilliant guy sitting by the door in the front seat asked what's that lever while reaching over and pulling it down. The air brakes took a tenth of a second or so to activate and when they did the wheels and the pavement stopped exactly where they were!

                          My head was in the sunvisor as was the "gentleman's" asking the question. The guy in the middle was under the dash and the 3 in the back seat were draped on top of the 3 of us in the front. Before I even landed I was nonchalantly asking, "Any more questions?" And.... the fellow under the dash simply pulled the door handle and pushed leaving the idiot with the question sitting on the pavement as we drove off.


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                            True: A funny Studebaker-related comment just yesterday, as a matter of fact.

                            Hudson buddy Larry Kennedy comes out to Brownsburg and we go to lunch. Then dropped by Titus Transmission south of Brownsburg where I sell my used cars in Avon IN, to drop off some paperwork and shoot the breeze with owner Chris Schmidt.

                            While we are there, two more of Chris' friends show up; Jay and Darryl. They are a couple nice younger guys who are fabricating part of Chris' drag-race, Fox-body Mustang.

                            Introductions all around; Chris introduces my friend Larry as a Hudson expert, and me as a Studebaker expert.

                            Young Jay addresses Larry (Hudson guy) and scratches his head, seriously inquiring, "Hudson...Hudson...didn't they have that supercharged model called the Jayhawk?"

                            Don't worry, we had it clarified in short order. <GGG> BP
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