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Winter sightings, and a couple miniature finds...

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  • Winter sightings, and a couple miniature finds...

    The dead of winter it may be (and we did get walloped with snow today), but post-Christmas I've still been seeing Studes out and about (and even got to drive my own Lark into the first week of January).

    Here's the '50 Champion of "stephenj" at a local Boston Pizza on the evening of Tuesday, January 10...

    On Sunday, January 22, the Hamilton Chapter held its January meeting/potluck in Grimsby; this sharp maroon '63 Avanti was a surprise attendee...belongs to "wise raymond" who has now joined the chapter, welcome Ray!

    I have a booth at an antique/collectibles market in Freelton, north of Hamilton. Went up there a couple Fridays ago and found these...

    The two '53s are 1:43 Franklin Mint fifties series models; I'd been looking for the Starliner, especially, for ages, finding both that and the Packard I opted to buy both. They're very nicely detailed for models in a fairly small scale. The Wagonaire camera car is a 1:64-or-so Husky model dating to the late 60s or early 70s and was priced at a modest $4...

    Just goes to show winter isn't necessarily a relentless drag!

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    Steve T, the Packard and Starliner are part of a set called The Classic Cars of the Fifties that also comes with a neat wall hanging display board with glass shelves. My wife bought mine for me a few years ago at an estate sale. NICE surprise ! There are 12 cars total, and you are right, they are very nice. I have never seen that particular Wagonaire before, only ones I've had were the plain blue ones with no figures, good finds ! John


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      I love that Husky Wagonaire Camera-car. I was built by Husky and later as Corgi Juniors. I have about 15 of them in different colors and variations.
      The Husky/Corgi Juniors also came as an ambulance (and as a regular car in a gift set). I have a bunch of them aswell.