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    Originally posted by bezhawk View Post
    I live 3 minutes north of Phenix City. Gee Matt ......??? Anyways, I'm glad you ended up with it. I've seen many restorable projects turn to crap over the years, because owners were going to restore it "someday".
    my uncle insists that he will restore the wagon in my sig. He has said this for at least 15 years. Was in storage for 35.
    1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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      I would suggest saving the windows and regulators. The glass may be gone, but the frames are still plenty usable, and they can be used in the 53-58 C/K's. I had to replace a couple of windows in the '55, and I didn't want to go through the expense of getting new windows made, so when I went to the May meet I picked up some good passenger front and rear windows instead. I can't remember what was all that was involved with the passenger window, but I had to disassemble the two windows for a decent set of rollers that were still in the original passenger window. I also needed a C/K passenger regulator since the mechanism in the regulator in the car had long since rusted and seized. This was another item I was able to get at the May meet for a decent sum. Let's just say for the guy with a C/K that doesn't need everything new, these things can be a heck of a buy if they're still good .
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