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Butch Lundstedt's grandson, Tyler, dies in avalanche

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  • Butch Lundstedt's grandson, Tyler, dies in avalanche

    Those of you who have followed Turning Wheels reports on the Pure Stock Drags may recall the name Butch Lundstedt. Butch's father was a Studebaker dealer in Nebraska, and he is an SDC member, a good friend, and a first-rate mechanic who has been extremely helpful in our preparation for the PSMCDR.

    One of Butch's grandsons, Tyler (age 24), died Sunday in an avalanche in the Colorado mountains near Steamboat Springs. He and his brother were snowmobiling, got stuck, and tried to walk out, triggering an avalanche. His brother Jordan (age 21) found him through his avalanche beacon and dug him out, but it was too late. Butch just called to tell me the details; he said Tyler was a great kid. If anyone wants to learn more, check out the story at

    Jordan ran the dyno when the Plain Brown Wrapper was dyno'd in 2010 just before the drags. Jordan spent two nights in a snow cave he made before being rescued (his father, Garry, found him); that snow cave probably saved his life. He was just released from the hospital in good condition; he had some frostbite of fingers and toes.

    This is a Studebaker family; Tyler's and Jordan's dad, Garry, owns and operates a large automotive repair business in Fort Collins, CO. Garry is an SDC member and owns a 1964 Daytona convertible and a '55 President coupe.

    Please keep the family in your prayers.

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    george krem

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    The family will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. What a sad situation. It seems that I have heard a number of avalanches recently.
    Joe Roberts
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      Butch Lundstedt is one of the nicest people I have ever met and our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
      Richard and Rose Poe
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        Those of you who don't know Butch Lundstedt, he is one of the most accomplished Studebaker mechanics on the planet, in addition to being one helluva nice guy. This tragic passing of one of his grandsons leaves one speechless, with prayers extended to Butch and his wife Leah.

        As George remarked, Butch lent his assistance to reassembling Ted Harbit's R3 engine when it was torn down for inspection prior to the 2010 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race.

        Here are Butch (left) and Ted reassembling the engine in the shop of Pure Stock Drags Co-Promoter Dan Jensen just before the 2010 event:

        (Butch, Cari and I were so sorry to hear of this yesterday. Prayers and good thougths go out to you and yours.) BP
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          Condolences extended to the Lundstedt family on behalf of all of us in Australia
          John Clements
          Christchurch, New Zealand


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            All of this family is in our prayers....


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              Originally posted by 55champion View Post
              All of this family is in our prayers....
              Same here. What a sad story.
              Bill Pressler
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                Our thoughts prayers go out to the family.
                Jim & Judy Sinclair
                I was STUDEBAKER, when STUDEBAKER wasn't "KOOL".