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is there anyone in the portland or eugene area

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  • is there anyone in the portland or eugene area

    who can put power steering and power brakes on a 56 j golden hawk any and all help is appreciated

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    Now wait a minute, Ed. Your Forum profile lists your interests as:


    I'd say a 1956 Golden Hawk with manual steering and brakes would be right up your alley! <GGG>

    Seriously, forget the power brakes. Buy and install a Jim Turner disc brake setup and leave the car manual brakes with those discs. Install one of Jim's dual-piston master cylinder setups under the floor at the same time and you'll be all set as to brakes.

    Power steering will be another matter. Installing power steering on one of those cars is complicated. A better idea is to have all your steering components renewed to first-rate condition, including upper king pin thrust bearings.

    It might steer easily enough after such a renewal that you could live with it. Otherwise, be prepared to spend big dollars and have the car down awhile for the conversion....which I'd not recommend if your interests are those stated in your profile! More <GGG>

    Best wishes with the project. BP
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      thank you very much yes i am having the turner brake system installed the car already has a dual master cylinder on it first i will drive it and see if i really need power steering then decide thanks for your input it is appreciated


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        When are we going to get to see your new baby, Ed?
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