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Searching for long lost 1965 Commander, 4-door, brown VNC112044

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  • Searching for long lost 1965 Commander, 4-door, brown VNC112044

    I've been surfing the web for my long lost Studebaker. The short story is that my dear old brother died in a crash in 1998 when he was 26. He left me a 1965 Studebaker Commander, 4 door. I started to restore it. Then I ran off to Seattle, chasing a girl. In 2000 donated the car to some Catholic Church charity group in Sacramento, CA and I can't remember their name, don't have any paperwork. Here's what I have: VNC112044. I think that's the VIN. The car was brown. Three on the tree. Barely ran. As the years go by, I continue to wish I'd never given it away. I can't express how much it would mean to get it back, restore it. I'd appreciate any help or direction to other resources. I live in Oakland, CA. Thanks.

    Matt Joyce

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    Are you quite certain it was a '65?
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      See Matt that was not to hard was it? good luck with finding the car...Bob
      Castro Valley,


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        Thanks for the help. I'll let you know how things turn out.


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          For those that do not understand the "VIN"/Serial Number, the car is a six cylinder.
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            I think the VIN or serial number is actually C-112044. One reply to an earlier posting said that he thinks the car was made in the first quarter of 1965.
            Thanks for all the information so far.


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              In spite of the sentimental value of that car, a similar "replacement" Car will still remind you of the original and it may some day turn up, but the chances of a 6 Cyl. surviving 12 years since you knew it's whereabouts are unlikely, best to move on to another one for now.

              If you never drove it, you may find that another 6 Cyl. is really not what you want and a '64 Stude. V-8 will have better MPG, way more power, and the best durability of any 1960's Engine out there, and the '65 with the 283 and Overdrive or Automatic, would also be an excellent choice.
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