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  • Steering Wheel Needed

    No success on my last posting of finding a steering wheel, so will try again. Still looking for a decent wheel for my '51 Champion. The horn button type. Schrock doesn't remanufacture this version.

    If anyone out there in Studebaker world has one for sale, please send pics and pricing info to me. Hopefully you can make some money and I can have a wheel.

    Thanks to all.

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    I have one for a '50 Champion that is surely in pretty bad condition. Horn button style, not horn ring. It's been years since I've seen it, but I'm sure I still have. It is bad enough that I replaced it. I'm pretty sure that all of the steel frame is there, but missing a lot of the 'whatever' stuff that covers the frame.

    If you think this rejected wheel will work, let me know and we'll see about a pic.


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      Sounds like yours is in the same condition as mine, which is pretty rough. Hopefully someone out there in Studebaker land will have a decent one for sale. Thanks for replying.


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        Rebuild yours it is not that hard but time consuming.