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There is a US6 truck in 'Red Tails' movie update 1-20

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  • There is a US6 truck in 'Red Tails' movie update 1-20

    I'm watching a show about the making of 'RedTails' and there was a Studebaker US6 truck in one scene.
    I going to see the movie Friday night and will know for sure.

    Saw the movie tonight. There is a US6 in two scenes at the beginning of the movie. Later on lots of 2 1/2 ton trucks moving around the airfield but not US6's.

    I liked the movie and would recommend seeing it.

    The flight scenes were very good. To me it looked like they found a couple hundred B-17's, Mustangs and 109's and got them flying.
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    I am planning to see that flick with a black friend who knows nothing of the Tuskegee Airmen....
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      Let us know how you like it, the computerized airplanes (P-51s) have been a subject of discussion on an military aircraft forum I occasionally read.
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        Updated tonight 1/20.
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          Saw "Red Tails" last night. For what it is--a graphic-novel/videogame-style "actioner"--it's decent; if however you want a less whizzbang and more historically-inclined account, hunt up a DVD of the 1995 HBO TV-movie "The Tuskegee Airmen". That film delves rather more deeply into what it was made the Tuskegee story unique: the fact that the Airmen were fighting, in essence, two wars simultaneously, one in North Africa and then Europe, and the other at home...

          Four Mustangs, three P-40s, and a B-17 were used in the making of "Red Tails", most of the footage being shot in the Czech Republic a couple years ago. I must say, though, I'd never have guessed. I saw about four sequences in the entire film that depicted an actual, aluminum-alloy airplane! That's another reason to find the HBO version. The Mustangs arrive a year early in HBO's film...but they're actual Mustangs. All of them.

          I wonder how many of the CGI engines on the CGI Forts in "Red Tails" were built by Virtual Studebaker...??