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Ran across some Studebaker parts / art - is this of interest

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  • Ran across some Studebaker parts / art - is this of interest

    Greetings, I am into my crossfire forum and play with my challenger 6 pack; BUT I have run across some Studebaker stuff and wonder if anyone is interested in any of it??? Let me know, thanks for looking. Woody

    Pictures 21" by 26.5" and triple matted in professional manner and frames. Whats it worth to ya?

    ALso have a used door for avanti, valve covers chrome (new) and 4 barrel carb

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    These are beautiful pictures. They came originally in a custom cardboard folio with the following documentation...

    I have at least 2 complete sets. One set (761/1000) is signed by both Raymond Loewy AND Bob Bourke. I ran one set on eBay once and I don't think I got one bid. Either that or the bids didn't meet my very low reserve. I decided then to just keep the sets. I have the Starliner picture hanging over my desk at home...

    Even though yours are nicely framed, I would think a collector may also want the original documentation and portfolio.

    Good luck with the sale. It could be the market is better on these now than when I tried it.
    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      Waldig, I'm interested in the valve covers and carb. PM sent.


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        More part details and photos

        I have gotten some photos of the parts and will try to post them as an attachment. Good to gain more information on the photos, yes, mine are also initialed and one has a signature.

        The valve covers are chrome plated and under close inspection, they have no fine marks or scratches and I believe that they have never been bolted on a car or engine. The carb has primary butterfly plates 1 3/8" and 1 11/16" secondary plates. Its a carter AFB and has been used previously. Ill try to get more detail, in the form of numbers, etc. Thanks for looking, Woody

        BTW one photo is of my crossfire SRT-6 engine mods, most parts have been produced and are sold by another company, I just do pro bono design for grins.
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          Woody, Please check your Private Messages in the upper left of this screen under the "What's New" tab. I sent you one yesterday.


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            I apologize for the delay, I have been fighting issues with a tig welder, trying to get more stick time with my RC planes and up to my eyes trying to compensate for a dismal winter and its effect over my HVAC business.

            Valve covers are as far as I can tell unused, no dings, deformations, and screw down points are smooth chrome - no marks for being used as far as the eye can tell.

            Photos are to be attached if I can do that properly. I would offer them for 180 ( the pair ) and I cover the shipping to your address ( US ).

            The photos that I have, I did more review on them and find that they are the SECOND #2 in the series, signed and initialed in triple matted frames, very professionally mounted. $120 get the set of four; but the shipping is additional and at actual cost due to the expense of shipping.

            The 4 barrel is used and looks like any other AFB that I have seen, in need of rebuild but intact and without any damage outwardly. Numbers on the casting are all over the place, I have jotted them down, youll have to sort thru them for the relevance of each number. If interested, Ill do more close up photos FYI.

            Numbers off parts as identified below, hope it helps.


            carter afb

            tb 15 degree big
            2 196

            15 deg

            body 6486-1585

            7-235 choke

            $25 plus shipping at actual cost of postage. FREE plus postage, if you purchase the photos described above.

            Ill be more responsive as the schedule here has cleared up more. Email is

            Please let me know, thanks Woody – Manassas Virginia


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              I'll take the carb. PM me for info.

              Dan Miller
              Auburn, GA


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                Photos if they load (?)
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                  Interested in VC. Send me a PM.

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                  63' R1 Wagonaire

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                  58' 3E6D Stock 4X4

                  64' (Studebaker Built) Trailer Toter


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                    This will be interesting... I wonder what the CASO's will do?

                    1964 GT Hawk
                    PSMCDR 2014
                    Best time: 14.473 sec. 96.57 MPH quarter mile
                    PSMCDR 2013
                    Best time: 14.654 sec. 94.53 MPH quarter

                    Victoria, Canada


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                      I have had 6 replys and will sell the parts, in turn to the first come per the email reply times. I feel confident that the parts are all spoken for, thanks for looking. I still have the "door panel" its a passenger door, and if some one can tell me how to id it Ill provide it for sale also. Iam a MOPAR type and dont need these, but know they may assist others out there. THe door has lots of window pieces, no glass, no real labels or part numbers, but its a barn find that Ill be glad to provide at a reasonable price.

                      How do I get the door identified other than avanti??Woody and thanks for looking.


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                        I would be interested in the framed pictures if they are still available.
                        I'm currently deployed to Cuba but could have them sent home in Ohio.



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                          Woody, I hope you start your order list from your first posting in Jan. I sent you several PMs back then in Jan. I was the first to reply to you and I'm still interested in the items. Please check your PMs and email. Thanks, Jeff


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                            Ready to move out the remaining items

                            The other car goodies are shipped and gone to their new homes. I would like to finish cleaning up my garage and get the remaining Studebaker items off to new homes. Please see the photos attached for a visual review.

                            There are 5 hubcaps, 4 good, one with a dent, the door and some parts for it, many books, 2 cologne car bottles one of which is full and with the original box, a R/I medallion and more.

                            Id like to pass the whole selection to a single individual for $300 and save some of the back and forth with multiple people. Individually the items and shipping will be more costly, but well see how it goes.

                            You can get me fastest on my email, as I check that more often, enjoy.
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                              more photos

                              more images
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