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ignition coil voltage.

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  • ignition coil voltage.

    hi all. what should the output be on my 1964 hawk ignition coil?

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    The input low voltage can be checked with a Volt Meter, usually about 8-10 Volts in Run and 12-13 Volts in Start mode, but I never heard of anyone checking the High Voltage output, should be in the Thousands.
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      Thanks. I'm not what you ould call a "good mechanic" but I only got 11 volts out of mine. Thought maybe that was a tad low and probably why the car won't start.


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        "Input" is the small + terminal on the coil. Should be as Rich stated. The small - terminal on the coil is the make and break trigger from the points. The "output" is the big center terminal on the coil. Should be 10-20,000 volts.
        Dick Steinkamp
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          It is very difficult to accurately measure secondary voltage. Most commonly-available meters don't have a scale that high, and if they did, would probably so load down the coil as to render any reading false.

          If you can find a good working tune-up scope, they usually have a secondary voltage scale that is ballpark-accurate. If the secondary pattern looks good on the scope, then chances are your coil output is OK.

          Coils do go bad, or more often are made bad by some other problem, but they should be the last place to look when diagnosing ignition problems.
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            The only accurate way to measure coil output is with an engine analyzer scope. The output voltage from a good coil can be anywhere between 20 and 35 kilovolts. I have an OTC plug analyzer that meassures output voltage with led's but I still like my scope as I believe it is more accurate. Bud