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1963 Hawk in 1/26/12 OCW

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  • 1963 Hawk in 1/26/12 OCW

    "Old Cars Weekly" continues to have good and favorable coverage for Studebaker. Their January 26 issue has a four page article with five pictures covering a 1963 Hawk. The Hawk is a very nice car. It is white with R1 and 4-speed. Overall the article is good and better written and researched than most.

    It states that the Hawk got 385 points at the 2011 SDC International. I see a couple of incorrect things that are easily correctable that he probably lost pounts for. He drove the car 825 miles to the meet. There may have also been some soiling.

    They neglect to mention that R2 engines were also available in 1963 Hawks. They imply that the R1 was the only option.

    They also say that the Hawk is "...original..." and that the "...finish on this car is factory...". This is after it is stated that "It was painted in '89..." This does not "compute" with me.
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    I am certain that the paint used to refinish the car was manufactured in a paint factory, therefor it is a 'factory' finish.
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