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Studebaker "TREE" sign to be preserved !!!

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  • Studebaker "TREE" sign to be preserved !!!

    For more info go to:
    Scroll down until you come to the article.


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    Posted Jan 12th 2012 9:29AM



    Perhaps the most beautiful thing Studebaker ever did was the Avanti, but certainly the biggest thing it ever did was plant a "Studebaker" sign composed of nearly 5,000 trees. The leafy advertisement resides in what is now a park in St. Joseph County, Indiana, but was Studebaker's proving grounds at the time it was planted.

    The sign has managed to survive since 1938 without any funds devoted to its upkeep, but that's about to change. The non-proft Indiana Landmarks has provided a $2,500 grant to the parks department to study the health of the trees and propose ways to improve and care for them. The study should be concluded this month, after which the sign's future should be much brighter. We don't expect any Avantis to make it to the moon when we colonize our satellite, but thanks to Indiana Landmarks at least you'll always be able to see a "Studebaker."

    News Source: Hemming's

    Image Source: Google Maps
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