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  • Trailer to Phoenix Auctions

    We have more cars than transportation to the Phoenix auctions Jan 20/21. Anyone interested in pulling/hauling an Avanti from Denver area for the auctions to Phoenix please contact me.

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    If anyone is interested in enjoying auction week in Phoenix and would like to drive one of our vehicles (with tow dolly and car) from Denver to Phoenix, please contact me.


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      Merlin,I was going to put 2 cars in at Russo&Steele but it didn't work out,I could have taken your extra car.I hope it goes well for you down there.
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        We look forward to the annual pilgrimage. 2 nights ago I'm in the loft surfing and from below the wife exclaims, "It's next week we go to Phoenix !" I say no we've got another week to get ready.... WRONG !!!

        The list continues to evolve but as of tonight it is 2 Nova's, a Hurst Jeepster, a Crosley Hot Shot with a great story ( )a Thunderbird and a Cushman. And, as of tonight none of them are ready... One is in the paint booth... One is at the mechanic... Carpet and door panels etc. came for 2 today. There is a trim piece in C Springs and a Headliner in Elbert... etc. The Avanti won't make it.