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    Well I posted a few weeks back about a nice afternoon with Warren Webb. I was 4 for 4 at that time of meeting SDC members and having a nice visit.
    I joined in September 0f 2011. In Sept I met Mark {bullet} at the SW Zone meet and had a great time. I also hung out with Warren that day. Very nice morning
    Then in Oct Bob K offered me the 289 I am building so I jumped in the car and headed up to pick that up and spent the early afternoon with Bob {Roscomacaw} and learned a bit about Studes and had a great time again.
    Then November I met up with Dean Pearson at his house and saw a REALLY cool bullet he is building and again had a great afternoon talking and hanging out with an SDC member and his dogs.
    December puts me back with Warren at his house checking out his cars and trucks, learning some more and seeing some cool stuff. I know that I had known Warren before and hung out with him before but this was the first at his house and seeing his Studes, so I put this as my 4 for 4 member meetings.

    So let me tell you a funny story about a 5th member meeting.
    As many of you know I am building a mild 289 that is mid build and decided I want to have the cam reground to a nice performance cam, and was debating the Isky E4 or the ST5 grind since Isky is nearby and well versed on Stude cams. After some discussion with a few members here like Jack Vines, Allen, Mike VV, Dan and few others input I decided to mill the head to raise the compression a bit, new seats and a valve grind job and to go with the ST5 grind Isky cam.

    Also in the mean time I break my cam end and have to order another one from my good buddy Bob K. so I am delayed in getting a cam to Isky. I finally get the time today to make it down to Gardena to drop off my cam. I am running late because I remember I need to run my valve seals and 1 loose valve I had out over to me my machine shop doing my heads. I planned on leaving before 10 am, but it ended up being closer to 11:15 ish before I hit the road.

    I walk into Isky and I am standing there a few minutes with no one even saying hello or saying I will be with you in a minute, nothing. One guy is talking to another customer about some small engine stuff, but has not given me the time of day. No biggie, they are busy. I am there only a couple of minutes and a guy walks in the front door, walks past me and leans on the counter next to me. I figure I had ought to unwrap my protective tube from my cam so I can be ready when someone does decide to help me. Almost as soon as I pull the cam out of its tube, the guy who walked in shortly after me looks at it from 5-6 feet away and then looks at me and says "Studebaker cam?"

    I am in shock that ANYONE could take a quick glance at a cam and know what it is for and then know what an obscure cam is from a not so common motor as a Stude. Then before I can barely even answer, the guy says "ST5 ?"....I say "yes" in shock and with a quizickle look on my face I am sure. Then he says "kmac530?" completely dumbfounded I again say "yes".

    The obviously Genius, mind reading, and clairvoient man says...."I'm Allen....from SDC"

    What are THOSE odds?

    BTW Allen, my cell number is {951} 775-7043 for the next time you are heading to Pala and want to stop by and pick up my broken cam for your roller projects.

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    That is amazing Kelly! I always say: "good things happen to GOOD people!" Small World, and really quite a coincidence when you think about the odds!
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Funny thing was, I had called and they told me it would take 10 days and cost me about $175 for the grind. When the guy came up to the counter to help me Allen was closer to the guy, so Allen hands him my cam and tells him ST5 grind. The guy writes up the ticket and I put my name and number on it. Just to make sure I say " now what is that going to cost and how long will it take?"
      Maybe it was Allen there or maybe the guy was just feeling nice, but this time he tells me one week and $95. I want to think it was because he thought I was with Allen.


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        Very cool!!!!

        Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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          That's a great story. Your going to like that ST-5 Isky grind. I put one in my 289 with flat top pistons back in 2002. After 120,000 plus miles and 7 or 8 race season I still smile every time it fires up. Now its my daughters and she is racing it too.

          Gordon S


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            Nice story, thanks for sharing! Like StudeRich said Good things to good people!



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              Kelly, as you are finding out there is an abundance of great people in Studeland. To me it's worth all the ribbing one gets from others, although even that seems to be fading as it is replaced by respect as the qualities of both the people & the brand become more known.
              59 Lark wagon, now V-8, H.D. auto!
              60 Lark convertible V-8 auto
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              62 Champ 3/4 ton 5 speed o/drive
              62 Champ 3/4 ton auto
              62 Daytona convertible V-8 4 speed & 62 Cruiser, auto.
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                Allen calls me and says he is heading out past my area today and would like to stop and pick up my broken cam to use as a tail section for a roller cam. Sure, I am home all day today.
                He shows up about 1pm or so and looks at the casting numbers on the cam and it is what is wants. So that is cool, my knuckleheadery will benefit some race motor, yeah.

                I show him Oscar, my '49 C-cab, and he has a few bits of wisdom and somethings to check before I get him on the road. He is being helpful and polite, but I can see some crindging as he looks at it. I figure out that he is not liking it too much. So I ask, and as I suspected, he does not like that I am not stripping it down and completely rebuilding/restoring/improving the whole thing. Do not misunderstand, he was cool about it and not picking on me, I had to drag it out of him.

                I am not even cleaning the crud/mud/grease/gunk off of the frame and chassis if it not in my way. Everything I am taking apart I clean and paint and freshen up, but if I am not working on it, I am not cleaning it, for now anyway. Allen really prefers a car that is just pristine and maybe even better than stock. My truck is a ratty old grundgy kids truck, but with the important stuff fixed up like the brakes, interior, and motor. I fully know it is not, and will not be everyones cup of tea. Who knows, I may not like it later on myself and decide to change it.

                I really like that we all like different stuff. If we all liked the same thing, a car show or meet would just look like a generic car dealership. Not that a beautiful restored vintage car does not make me go "ooooo aaahhhhh", but I also OOOO and AAAAHHH the customs, modifieds, and about everything in between. I am sure Oscar will have fans and detractants. I like him so far and I appreciate Allens help. That is the coolest part about all of this, even though someone does not neccesarily like anothers vision, you all seem to still be very helpful and glad any Stude is still on the road.