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1958 Starlight Hardtop Headlights

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    The hardtop body is too plain with the single headlights, IMHO.



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      As a '57 President owner, and former owner of a '58 Commander, I really like the looks of that J body without the headlight pods. Also, nice to see you around, Keoni.


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        Brad: The "plan," if ever there was to be one, would be to transplant the '52 hardtop tub onto a '50 Commander chassis... your second choice. Definitely a step backward in the ride comfort and handling departments, but oh well: there's never beauty without cost. The bullets and fenders of the '50 Champions and the whole line for '51 have always looked poorly-proportioned to me: just plain stubby. Like I said, to each his own.

        Matt: Thanks for the greeting; good to see you, too, as always. I'm spending more time here in no small part 'cause I'm looking forward to seeing (a LOT of) pics of your progress on your new wagon.
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          That does look pretty good- but it needs a '57 hood and the emblems that go along with it.

          Either that or it needs to be a Packard, with a '57 Packard nose.

          1958s were way too plain up front- just four headlights and ten little letters...

          (unless it was a Scotsman or a Champion without the optional four beams, of course)
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            I've long lusted after either a 56 President Convertible or Hardtop. With either a 60 Lark tub to make a convertible, or a 56 President 2 door (already rare) as a donor to make the Hardtop look like a 56.

            Just dreaming, but at least they are attractive dreams.
            JohnP, driving & reviving
            60 Lark & 58 Scotsman 4dr


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              President? No, only dual headlights, but your interesting question made me do some research.
              I have a Dutch advertisement for a Champion Starlight hardtop for 1958.
              It's a very good drawing, not a photograph but it DEFINITELY shows the front end without that dual pod.
              It's a good looking car. There is a living example (although in poor condition) in the Netherlands.
              I will investigate and try to get photos.