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  • 1964 Daytona Wagonaire

    I recently purchased a 1964 Daytona Wagonaire with a V-8 and factory 4 speed. Can anyone give me any info on this car. Also it is pretty rough shape so any ideas were to find floor pans and interior pieces would be helpful.

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    Originally posted by CBoyd View Post
    I recently purchased a 1964 Daytona Wagonaire with a V-8 and factory 4 speed. Can anyone give me any info on this car. Also it is pretty rough shape so any ideas were to find floor pans and interior pieces would be helpful.
    Welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum, Cory. Your biggest help with all things Studebaker will be to join the SDC, it can be done at the top of this page at a first year discount. You will receive our monthly Club Publication: "Turning Wheels" which you will fully enjoy and be able to get info on repair and maintenance tips, Parts sources, local Chapter info etc.

    Studebaker Vendors at: have reprints of the original Studebaker Chassis and Body Parts Catalogs, Shop manuals, Owner's Guides etc. in Book or CD ROM form.

    Some info on your car is available here from the Homepage: 6 Cyl. and V-8 Engine I.D. info is on the "Tech. Tips, Specs and Data" link.

    The Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, IN has the original Production Order Copies available to prove how the Car came from the factory, Options, Accessories, Colors, where shipped to, when built etc, etc.

    Your 4 Speed was one of 6, normal Transmission options available in 1964, but is quite rare in a Wagonaire as it would not be the most common option for a family wagon.

    Some cars ordered with "Performance" options like a 4 Speed, had one of the "Super Lark" optional Avanti "R" Series High Performance "Jet Thrust" Engines, some with Paxton Superchargers and may also have Suspension and Handling/Traction System upgrades.

    What OTHER specific info are you needing?

    Glad to have you here, Rich.
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      Thanks for the information. How would I go about getting the original production order?


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        Also I was told the it was a factory muncie 4 speed. Not knowing much about Studebaker I do not know how true that is.


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          What is your location? And, how about more info, like color? Any pictures? Someone here may very well know the car, even me- I sold one a couple years back.

          You're in the right place- we can help you get literally anything you would need, and help you with any question you can think of. Welcome!
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            I had such a car, and sold it maybe 15 years ago. What's your location? Maybe it's the same car ...

            I purchased a NOS interior for it, which I still have ..



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              I am from Louisiana but got the car out of Hot Springs Arkansas. I think I have one picture of it I will try and post later.


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                Where are you located Larry? What interior pieces do you have?


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                  Click image for larger version

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                  This is the only picture I have on my computer. I am currently at work in the Gulf Of Mexico


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                    Hi. Welcome to the Forum. When you get home give me a call. I'm just next door in Princeton, LA (You know-- surrounded by Haughton). I can hook you up with all the information about the Club and ordering Production orders from the museum and show you examples of what you will get. One of the local club members in Shreveport has a Wagonaire, but I don't think he visits this forum. Tom Lewis 318-949-9744


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                      Ok will do. Thanks.


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                        If you can supply the serial number (from a plate on the left side door jamb; it begins with 64V-), we can tell you something about your car.

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                          Will do George


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                            Well, that's not the car I once had. Different color and a couple thousand miles away.

                            I probably have NOS interior door panels and seat covers for it in several factory colors.

                            You can call me at 775 - 425 - 4868 if interested.