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    Can you ID my stoudebaker truck tag reads R16-55 cerial # R16-11621 . I think it is a 1.5 ton truck it has a 6 cylinder I need to know the year to order parts. thank you . CSULLIE

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    A 2R16 IS a one and a half ton. The 55 denotes a 155 inch wheelbase. The 49 thru 53 2R models were virtually the same. What parts are you concerned about?
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      I will look to see if I have the serial number break points for the early years.
      For you experienced guys, Is the serial number, in this case 11621, the same sequence as it would be on a 2R5 or 2R10?
      I have some paper work from Dwain that helped me get my '49 regeistered correctly and it had the letters from Stude that told the dealers what serial numbers would be the point to break to for the next year. My #8352 was a '49.

      csullie, as far as parts, so far year has never been an issue for me on parts, just the 2R16 part is the important thing and that is definately a 1949-1953. All "virtually" the same for those years.


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        Ok I checked my paperwork emailed to me from DwainG and it included R16. Your truck looks to be a 1949 by what I have. The 1949 numbers started at R16-001 and the 1950 started at R16A-24401.
        So your truck being number R16-11xxx puts you in the middle of the 1949 model run.

        It you want to send me your email I can send you what DwainG sent me.
        Hope this helps


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          What you need to order parts is the Truck Parts Catalog 800440, available from our vendors.
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            One thing to be aware of is that the 1949 2R-16 was equipped with the 226 cu in version of the Commander 6. The comparable 1950-53 trucks were designated as model 2R-16A to recognize that they were equipped with the 246 cu in version of that engine. Studebaker built more 2R series trucks than any other model. Many items remained unchanged during its five years of production, and are therefore interchangeable. However, there were also a number of running changes, so model year can be improtant when ordering parts.



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              Since I found the paper work that verifiered his truck is a '49, but I do not know where to find the commander 6 numbers list to tell what size it is and what year it is, so when he orders parts he can get the right ones, since there have been so many engine swaps over the years, does anyone have that engine numbers list that includes the 6 cylinders.

              And BTW Sullie, DwainG was invaluable in helping me figure out what year my 2R10 was, but Skip L was a huge part of that as well. Bwtween those 2 guys and a few other folks here, I found out just about everything on my truck including year, make, and model of my swapped in V8 motor and model of trans.
              You have found a huge source of knowledge and help here from these folks. A real automotive treasure and likely some great new friends as well.


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                As noted in the truck history (link posted above), the changeover from the 226 to the 246 cu in truck engines occurred on New Year's Day 1949. The 226 engines in the 2R16 had serial numbers beginning with 3R and the 246 engines in the 2R16A began with 4R.
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                  Thanks for the info my email is Csullie