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Is this a Studebaker tripod jack?

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  • Is this a Studebaker tripod jack?

    Hi All,

    On eBay:

    I am not aware of a Studebaker tripod jack being offered in the 40's 50's. Comments please.

    Henry Votel
    Forest Lake, MN
    Henry Votel,
    Forest Lake, MN
    Buying & Selling Studebaker Parts in MN & WI

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    My book of 1951 Studebaker options and accessories does not list a tripod jack. Back in the 60's, I remember seeing these jacks for sale at Sears, Western Auto and all the parts stores had them. While the jack does have a "S" logo, I don't think we should ASSume it is a Studebaker logo. may be from Studebaker, who knows?

    Charlie Attaway
    Oxford, GA


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      My Dad used to have a jack like that... I'm sure it was not Studebaker.... if I remember it was quite handy... I wonder what ever happened to it.


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        I bought one very similar to that from a local car club member who I've known for years (and trust) who worked for the Studebaker dealer in his town; he said it was from the local dealership.

        With that said, even though used by the Studebaker dealer, it doesn't necessarily mean that it was an authorized Studebaker item....
        Dan Peterson
        Montpelier, VT
        1960 Lark V-8 Convertible
        1960 Lark V-8 Convertible (parts car)


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          I have one of those jacks. It came out of the trunk of one of the many Studes that have passed through here. I have never noticed an "S" logo on it, reckon I'll have to look it over closer. I doubt it's a Studebaker product, but it would be interesting to know if that was the case.
          Dave Lester


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            There's a tripod jack shown in my '58 Accessories book.


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              i'm going to call it as a "sears-roebuck" jack, probably sold by others without the "s".

              dad worked for sears, in the auto center, in so-cal from 1960 until he retired in the late 80's (when they actually paid their employees a decent amount and had a great "profit-sharing" retirement plan)...

              some of the older stores in the los angeles area had signs similar to the lazy "s" in the sears name - probably built in the late 30's.

              when we went out for our "sunday afternoon drives", if dad saw a sears store, we would always have to go there.

              funny (?) - as i get older, a picture or something said, will recall memories long forgotten...
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                These were recently discussed here:

                (read it backwards)

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                  Yes they are Studebaker. They have the lazy S logo. The other one has the remnants of the official lazy S red and blue decal on the bottom. I believe thugh that they were an accessory offered by Studebaker.


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                    I am the one selling the jacks and there is no Sears stamp on them. sears usually stamped all their products back then. The lazy S is exactly the same as all the designs I have seen done by Studebaker. The One with the decal remnants is definitely the original one that came on the jack. They did offer a tripod from the comments I have found in the later 1950's