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Hey Guess what? I'm retired!

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    Congratulations Pat, it wont be long before your saying what day is this.
    101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.


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      Originally posted by 2R5 View Post
      Congratulations ....just remember you will never get any holiday pay either <g>
      Shuck's I thought it was all Holiday Pay, Oh Well!

      Pat, congrats, you'll find all kinds of things to do. Just stay active and healthy, it's a great way of life.



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        Been retired since March of 2006. Have had no regrets, but I too have found that the longer one is retired the busier one seems to get. I walked away from a lot of job stress the day I retired and felt a great relief not having all the daily issues to deal with. I wish you a long and happy healthy retirement Pat.
        Frank van Doorn
        Omaha, Ne.
        1962 GT Hawk 289 4 speed
        1941 Champion streetrod, R-2 Powered, GM 200-4R trans.
        1952 V-8 232 Commander State "Starliner" hardtop OD


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          I wish I could retire , but not at this point in my life, as long as you have good health in your retirement you have it made !, now you can devote 100 % to any project that you want to accomplish and hopefully you will reach your goal! I wish you many years of happiness in your retirement!.
          Joseph Kastellec


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            Congratulations Pat. I've just completed 13 years of retirement and have loved every minute of it. No need to rush for anything.
            I see that you finally came to the conclusion that work is over rated. Have fun. You've deserved it.
            '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
            Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club