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Anyone want a 46 2 ton ?

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  • Anyone want a 46 2 ton ?

    Doesn't look too bad in the pics. Asking $2500 soft.

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    I wish ! Sounds like a sweet deal that will get snatched up by the closest guy with the money.

    I would love to have a truck like that.



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      Seems really cheap for the truck, and I would question it. Who spells out their phone number like that---- call( four zero six 547- two three two zero ))


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        Seems really cheap for the truck,
        Maybe because the truck is in the unpopulated arse-end of nowhere and would cost as much as the asking price to ship it to the east coast. The universe of potential local buyers definitely influences the asking price. If that truck were in the midwest, it would have been sold by the time we read this.
        and I would question it. Who spells out their phone number like that---- call( four zero six 547- two three two zero ))
        I see this telephone number stunt a lot on craigslist. Either there is some way spammers harvest numeric telephone numbers off craigslist, or users at least think they do so.

        jack vines


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          There is actually a computer program that I have seen that looks for 10 digit number sequences on ANY unsecured site and then they sell those a phone numbers.

          So it is possible that even if you have an unlisted phone number, have never posted your number anywhere online, and have not signed up on some sweepstakes that you are getting those annoying telemarketers because you phone number is ALSO a muffler bearing for 1972 AMC Matador.....

          Alot of people write out their phone number online, or mix numbers and spelling out as a protection...not just scammers.
          I doubt it actually changes anything in reality.


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            truck looks nice and can't argue with the price, of course it would need a good "going over" first.

            as far as the craigslist phone #' and letters: when i listed my first car on cl a few years ago, i used my ph# with no letters. i was barraged with phone calls day and night from "people" wanting to sell the car for me. after changing it to spelling out a few of the numbers, that stopped. still get some e-mail spams, but they are usually easy to detect. most, not all, never mentioned the item listed - just want to know if "it" is still for sale...

            as Mr. Vines says: "your results may vary".
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              Not to early of a '46, Don't have the GI truck body, no wipers above the window


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                I used to own a '46 like this. The only postwar M-series with the WWII windshield were the M15s. I plan on calling the seller to see what shape the tires are in. If I could make an adventure out of driing it to California, I could put that rig to good use here.
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