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AH-HA! Santa's Location & Plan B!

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  • AH-HA! Santa's Location & Plan B!

    You'll soon be reading the adventures of Finland SDC member and automotive writer Pekka Polvinen, who was able to attend The 2011 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race and recorded his impressions for the January 2012 Turning Wheels report of same.

    Well, I just got a Christmas Day e-mail from Pekka that included a 2-minute eye-witness video. Pekka said:

    Since a few years ago, I've had a timeshare deal with an old local guy - he gets access to our garage once a year and we have this time share arrangement on vehicles.

    So now I am looking forward to my reindeer rides in the coming summer.

    This deal is only valid when we have no snow around Christmas. This year is one of those:

    We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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    Plan 'B' was required this year for a certain reason. You see- last week it was reported that Santa had a little run-in with an F-104 StarFighter during a test flight~


    I posted about it just as soon as I heard~


    I'm glad to see that plan 'B' turned out to be Stude-related!!!
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