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  • Bad Year But Better Now

    March 11 my wife had a stoke and viral meningitis. They sent her home the last of April and said she wouldn't last a month. Well she fooled them. When the Studebaker meet came around in Ames, Iowa she said she wanted to go. She was using a walker but she really enjoyed the meet. My wife is the club historian and she didn't want to give it up. So she is getting caught up with the year a lady gave her a big envelop full of pictures from past years to add to the books. You wouldn't know she ever had a problem. It is called the Studebaker cure. I went out the other day to start her 65 Mustang it hadn't been started in over a year. I got to smelling rotten gas real strong. Looked under the hood gas was every where. Took the top off of the carburetor the float was stuck to the bottom. We have got back on the wagon again. She wanted green so I bought green that she picked out. I painted the top. Now she says with a little yellow it would look like a John Deere. Now she wants that Plum Purplish color on the 58s. Hopefully a better year in 2012.

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    Carl, that is VERY good news Merry Christmas to both of you, and best wishes for continued improvement and a great New Year.

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      Great to hear stories like this. They asked me to sign papers, to not put my Dad on life support. Told me he had about 30 minutes. Dad recovered and passed away thirteen years later. Kinda puts a little substance to who's in charge, don't it? MERRY CHRISTMAS-- May GOD bless.


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        My wife is an RN and she has always said that recovery success is much higher when people have things in life that they love, like family, friends, pets and hobbies.

        Having a loving husband, projects that you guys are working on, and a hobby she enjoys surely has helped her recovery. Our best wishes and hopes for continued health improvements.


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          Excellent, Carl; that is good news. "The Studebaker Cure" indeed!

          It will be a Merry Christmas.

          (Oh, and 'glad you caught the gas leak on the Mustang before it became a crispy critter. 'Hope there was a fire extinguisher at the ready.) BP
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            Merry Christmas Carl and I wish you and yours a wealth of health in 2012.


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              I had been wondering how she was doing after hearing she had become ill. So glad she is doing better. What a Merry Christmas present! All the best!
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                Glad to hear things are going better. Get some paint on that wagon quick before she sees another color she likes better.
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                  I hope you and Betty have a great many happy miles yet to drive, Carl.
                  Merry Christmas to you both!
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                    Here's to an awesome 2012 to both you and Betty from me and Rose!


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                      Glad to hear things are improving for you and Betty.
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                        Great to know things are continuing to improve, Carl!

                        We certainly enjoyed you and Betty at our show back in September.

                        I need to get over there and visit y'all.
                        Dave Lester


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                          Thanks all for the responses. We have been together since 1958. And I was not ready to let her go now.


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                            Originally posted by ST2DE5 View Post
                            Thanks all for the responses. We have been together since 1958. And I was not ready to let her go now.
                            I gathered as much:

                            Dave Lester


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                              Glad to hear she's doing so well, I hope the two of you have a very happy, healthy and Merry Christmas!

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