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    Anyone have a ball park value on the 62,63 or 64 hawk gt? I am not sure of which year it is yet. It has a 289 w/auto. needs total restoration and is not supercharged. I have the opportunity to purchase but do not want to make an unwise offer on some thing that needs this much work. Thanks

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    NADA is online for that purpose; rarely accurate.

    Wish there was an objective method to answer your question but, if your goal is to love and enjoy the car, then it may be worth it.
    If you are looking for an investment, you will spend more on the restoration than you will recover.

    Best to love and enjoy.
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      Welcome to the SDC and the SDC Forum, we would be glad to have you as a Member of the Club and the Forum, it is not a requirement to own a Studebaker, so while you are looking it's OK to Join! If you do not get this one we have many more!

      Sorry, there is no way to place anywhere near a accurate Value without actually seeing the car to determine the Rust damage underneath, in the Trunk on the floorboards especially the rear edge of the Front Fenders, the originality and condition of the Interior, the Trans. Type, Color, things like that.

      A very GOOD set of Pics both close up and whole car showing all four sides helps a lot, but seeing is believing!

      The 1962 and 1963 are close, with '63 a bit more desirable, but '64's are in a class by themselfs due to differences, improvements and their extreame rarity, they always lead the pack.

      Update: Reading deeper into your post, it sounds like this Car needs everything, if that is the case I don't see it being worth much more than $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 if the body is solid. If not, probably less.

      Things like a 63 or '64 with a "Power Shift" floor shift Automatic or a 4 Speed Std. in working condition, would add quite a bit of value, Hawks more than Larks depreciate a lot when equipped with a ho-hum column Auto.
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        Welcome to the forum, The value is largely based on the amount of rust (or lack there of) in the body. I purchased a 1964 GT Hawk two years ago with plenty of rust through (native Minnesota car) yet still repairable for $1350. If you can post pictures of it here, you will get a more definitive answer.
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          Generally, 64's are bringing more than 63's, and 63's more than 62's.

          There was no supercharger option in '62

          Ball park is real tough without a complete description and some pictures, but if it is a running, driving car that is not rusty (floors, rockers, trunk, lower rear of front fenders, etc), and that is complete but that needs paint, upholstery, and probably the mechanicals rebuilt, Old Car Price Guide says $2640 for a '62, $2880 for a '63 and $3000 for a '64.

          The buying price on a vintage car that needs total restoration is somewhat meaningless (to a a point). On a quality DIY restoration, you'll have $5-10k into body and paint, $3k into chrome, $4k into engine rebuild, $4k into the interior, plus suspension rebuild, transmission rebuild, tires, etc, plus A LOT of labor. Count on $20-25k plus your labor.

          A restored 289 auto plain Jane GT will sell for about $12-15k.

          The upside of doing it yourself is that you will get exactly what you want, you will know what you have when you finish, and it is a good "time payment plan". The downside is that the car will be worth less than what you have into it.

          They are neat looking and driving cars. Let us know what you end up doing and if you have any other questions.
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            Wiley,hopefully you've joined the SDC. (where are you located?) I'll keep my fingers crossed it's a 64,being my favorate year of Hawks <G>but the GTs are classy in general.
            Joseph R. Zeiger