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Eye Candy 12/16/11: Ron Hall's 63 Avanti

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  • Eye Candy 12/16/11: Ron Hall's 63 Avanti

    Very special guest at the '08 Crossroads ZM in St.Catharines ON, brought up from SNM in a hauler...

    Engine of same

    And the interior

    On display in the hotel during the meet banquet

    Loading back in the hauler for the voyage home to SB...


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    Neat car. I hope they are not running 200 mph with hub caps on it, at least not without some serious attachment of them with bolts or at least tie wire?


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      Yes, the car did make the 200-mph run with the wheel covers in place. They are secured with special fasteners.

      The idea was to make the car look as stock as possible during all the photography that would likely take place at speed. BP
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        Thanks, Steve T, this is a reminder of a great show we had in Nashville, Tn. back in '89, when Ron attended our meet. We had an auction on awards night, and I won a signed picture of Ron and his crew at Bonneville that he graciously signed for me. He also was telling me which shocks to put on my Avanti, (I didn't know till he explained about his Gabriel connection). That picture is on my wall still, and one of my proudest moments of Studebakering getting to meet and talk with him. ! Hope his family is doing good. Thanks again, John


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          Bob is correct. The stock wheel covers were fastened to the wheels just like folks fasten the Moon Discs on their wheels. Most use Dzus fasteners. I remember reading that Ron felt a little guilty about putting the needed holes in perfectly good Avanti wheel covers.
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