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  • Dash light?

    I have a quick question on my dash light on my '49 2R10.
    In the socket where the bulb housing snaps into the hole there is a small lens inside of that housing.
    It looks like a piece of plastic about 1/2" wide and 2" long that has been roll and pushed into the socket where it tries to reexpand and fills the light buld housing and works like a lens.

    My question is, Is that film/lens supposed to be a blueish color?
    And, Is that film/lens supposed to be frosted or completely clear?

    My pieces have a blue tinge to them and are not clear. They look frosted, but that could simply be aging {ageing?}

    I can easily make some out of some other piece of colored water bottle plastic or something to get the blue, but the frosting may be hard to replicate. But if they are supposed to be blue and frosted then mine are still useable, not perfect, but useable.

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    There were no Blue lights or lenses. I think we need to know If you are talking about "Instrument Lights" or "Indicator Lights".

    The High Beam indicator usually had a cardboard tube to get the light from the bulb to a RED celephane "Lens".
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      Thanks for the reply Rich,
      My truck has no turn signals. There are no indicator lights on it.
      The lights I am asking about are in the center cluster inside of the speedometer/odometer dog house. There are 3 lights that snap in to that center cluster section from behind in the engine compartment. The center light on the top of the cluster has a red lens on the end of it so it shines red. Then there are 2 lights out on each side of the cluster that are covered on the end facing the driver and have a cut out for the light to shine out of pointing outward toward right on the bulb on the right and toward the left on the bulb on the left. Those 2 lights shine out and illuminate the outer 2 gauges on the dash cluster. The right bulb shines out on the oil gauge then farther out to the temp gauge. The bulb on the left shines out to the gas gauge then farther out to the amps gauge.

      On each of those bulb sockets have a round sleeve that fit inside of the light tube, then the bulb socket that actually holds the bulb and the wire connections snaps into the back side. The lens/tube/film has a definate blue tint to it. I have seen plastic lens yellow over time and even brown but I have not seen on blue as it ages.

      The biggest thing I need to know is, is that part frosted stock or is that part clear with just a blue hue to the plastic?


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        Part book

        I looked it up in the parts book I have a Type A dash and they show the speedo houseing as item# 1716-2 and call it a Speedometer Base. The actual part number is 513602.

        They do not show any separate part numbers for the lenses for the red light of either illuminating light lenses. But they are in there.

        If you look at that 1716-2 item you will see 3 round housings. The top center one is the red one. The 2 lower ones on the L/R are the ones with the blue tube. I guess I will have to wing it. I do not know why it would need to be frosted, but maybe it does.


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          I was just looking at a gauge cluster that used to be in my truck last night. I saw the plastic pieces you are talking about. I wouldn't say they had a blue tint to them but they do have a frosted look to them. I think the idea was to help defuse the light, give it more of a glow than a bright spot light. But who knows they are 60+ years old.
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            Ok as dim as all Stude. Car & Truck Instrument Lights are, you certainly do not want an Opaqe Robin Egg Blue lens/Defuser, you want a almost clear Lt. Blue or clear.

            The Cars even have the inside of the light box painted that Lt. Blue to give a more gentle light. They also have windows in the sides of the round Stewart Warner guages in '56-'63 Hawks that are also Transparent Light Blue to make a soft Light when used with clear, not Red Bulbs as used on '64's.
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Rich, you are correct in that they are not robin egg or a dark blue like a SkYY Vodka bottle.

              It is even lighter than this DejaBlue water bottle


              But there is definately a blue hint to mine.
              Also the inside of my bezels is not a light blue, mine are a mint green. Lighter than Pistachio Ice cream, in the ball park of mint chotolate chip ice cream.

              My bezels were all flaking off and peeling. I scuffed them off, made a template of the original patter of black and Mint green areas, sine the looked like the help a template over the black back round and sprayed the mint green over that since there was a fuzzy edge to the green. So I tried to replicate it.

              I sprayed mine all black, the laid my templates over the dry black and sprayed it with white. Since no one I could find sell mint green rattle cans, I had Home Depot mix me a jar of that tester paint to a mint green sample swatch that matched almost perfectly. I have now brushed the white over with the mint green but since that is a latex water based house trim paint I will still need to gently fog over that with a clear paint from a rattle can { I will test on a sample I am making to make sure it does not blister up} to seal it all up and put my gauges back in tomorrow and start wiring up Oscar......progress again.

              I just need to figure out the little lenses. I want to think like you Rich, that there is no way these should be opaque or frosted, but I can not see any spot on them not frosted. I would think that on some spot of the overlap there would still be a clean clear area. I think I may just reuse them I guess.


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                I just looked at the gauge clusters I have in my parts box. The older one, has thumb screw coming off the side of the speedometer where the cable attaches has the plastic lenses you are talking about. The other gauge cluster that came out of my 51 doesn't have them in it.
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                  I think there may have been frosted plastic windows on the lamp-holders, meant to scatter the light evenly over the area to be illuminated with no "hot-spots". Same reason most ceiling lamp fixtures have frosted shades on them. You ought to be able to get a sheet of frosted Mylar at an art supply store. Or go with your first thought, and scuff up a piece of plastic from a soft drink bottle with fine sandpaper. The faint blue tint won't matter if it's not there.
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                    My lenses are useable actually. I just wanted to make sure that the frosting was not going to make it too dim, and the blue tint was not going to make it look too funny.
                    Thanks for all of the help. I am comfortable using my original ones now that it seems like they should look close to how mine do if not exactly like this.

                    Once again you folks all come thru.