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Forty eight years birthday for my gt hawk

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  • Forty eight years birthday for my gt hawk

    As the 16th of Dec reaches the U.S time zone I realise my '64 GT Hawk came off the South Bend assy line on this day forty eight years ago.
    It was one of eight Hawks, two sliding roof Wagons plus one Daytona Hardtop that had been ordered by the English Distributor in London. They cancelled their order after the eleven units were built & Studebaker were left with these RHC units which were offered to our Assy Plant here in Melbourne at a discounted price. We took five of the Hawks which finally arrived here mid 1964.
    I managed to buy the Strato Blue GT in 1970 & have continually owned it since. It will have a nice drive for the occasion & then retire to its sheltered garage till our next Club outing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAWK.


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    Happy Birthday to your Hawk and congratulations to you Jim for owning such a beautiful GT for such a long time.
    Dave Pink
    Victoria, Australia

    1916 SF Roadster
    1925 ER Tourer
    1925 Panel Delivery
    1953 Champion Sedan
    1957 Golden Hawk
    1971 Avanti II

    Studebaker Car Club Of Australia Website


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      Happy Birthday Jim and Hawk from all your friends in SA.
      John Clements
      Christchurch, New Zealand


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        Not only a beautiful car but to have one that was made just a few days before the final curtain was drawn makes it that much better! Congrats to both you & the Hawk.
        59 Lark wagon, now V-8, H.D. auto!
        60 Lark convertible V-8 auto
        61 Champ 1/2 ton 4 speed
        62 Champ 3/4 ton 5 speed o/drive
        62 Champ 3/4 ton auto
        62 Daytona convertible V-8 4 speed & 62 Cruiser, auto.
        63 G.T. Hawk R-2,4 speed
        63 Avanti (2) R-1 auto
        64 Zip Van
        66 Daytona Sport Sedan(327)V-8 4 speed
        66 Cruiser V-8 auto


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          'Back at your Hawk for a Happy Birthday, Jim. (I'd sure like to drive a RHC car sometime, but I'd want a big parking lot!) <GGG> BP
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            Yes, Happy Bithday!
            Glad to hear that you have enjoyed that car for soooo many years.
            Take good care of her and continue to exercise her often.
            Good Roads
            Brian Woods
            1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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              Well Bob, why don't you and Cari come down for our National Meet in 2013 and there will be many RHC cars for you to look at/drive. I for one would welcome the opportunity to meet you, and now that Delta and United both come here flights wouldn't be an issue.
              John Clements
              Christchurch, New Zealand


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                It's a beautiful car James. Do you have any additional photos of it to share with us? Any photos of it from 1970 and following years? How about a photo of you posing with it?
                In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                  Mr. Quigley and the 1964 Hawk back in the 1980's. Looking good Jim!
                  In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                    Hey Jim, the car held up better than you! LOL
                    Brian Greenall
                    Melbourne, OZ