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Newbie here with a 48' M16

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  • Newbie here with a 48' M16

    Just want to say Hello, I am just starting a restoration of some extent on this 48' Studebaker M16, has been indoor stored for 45 years ...yes 45 years since 1966, very little rust and a motor that has not yet been started, needing direction on parts, resto pieces, were to buy etc. also info on Motor swaps (if I need too) of what fits etc. I can't find much info but I will deffinitly Search the Forum for posts...Any Help would be great Thanks
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    Wow! Very cool truck! I love seeing the big stuff put back into action.

    Welcome to the Forum! There are tons of guys here with even more tons of knowledge, so don't be shy about asking questions. We're here to help, and glad to have you here.

    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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      Looks like a studebaker on your West Cost side?

      Click image for larger version

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        It is a customer of Mine, Sweet car except has a BB Chev in it


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          Hey Chris...welcome to the madness! But, wait a minute...don't get in too much of a hurry about "restoring" that wonderful looking warrior-survivor!

          Something this old, this solid, this complete, and this big, has to have a great story. Where the heck was a building big enough to give up that much floor space for so long?

          I know that the "west coast" covers a lot of area, however, there should be some SDC members close enough to help in assessing what you have and advise on getting it going. The bed on that truck looks to be made to military specs.

          How about sharing more of the story of the truck with us. To many of us, that well-earned patina is more desirable than any shiny new expensive paint job you could slap on it. I'm sure I am not the only one eager to know more about this truck.
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            OMG! What a beautiful truck! PULLEEZE don't paint it. Pretty pleeeze!!!! You can't buy that much character. Warren Buffet can't buy that much character.

            If you paint it, I will walk to California and open a can of whupaz on ya.


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              I'm right down the road from you in Bellingham.

              M series trucks are one of my Stude favorites. I've owned an M16's little brother...M15A-28...

              Mine had a small block Chevy in it and Chevy truck 4 speed (synchro on the top 3). The M16 has an indented fire wall which makes motor swaps even easier.

              I'm voting with those to leave it as is cosmetically (as if I had a vote ). the bed and graphics are perfect!

              The Commander 6 in those trucks was a great power plant and used by Studebaker into the 1960's.

              Most mechanical parts are still available. Check this link to Studebaker vendors...

              Studebaker Vendors

              Use as a actual over the road vehicle is limited. They are geared super low, and the brakes even when completely rebuilt, stop like...well, a 1940's truck.

              Check out Studebaker Truck Talk....

              Studebaker Truck Talk

              ...for more Stude Truck Gear Heads.
              Dick Steinkamp
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                Nice find. I was somewhat disappointed with the pictures because of a typo in the title, I expected to see a truck 3 car lengths long. Have fun with that thing.


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                  Welcome! SDC Forum can not have enough M Series guys!
                  Good Roads
                  Brian Woods
                  1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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                    Word of the day "patina"

                    When I said stating earlier that I was going to restore it I should have stated my Ideas first, Yes leave the whole Patina Look about it, I want to get running but if that ends up being too much trouble I will do a Swap to a SBC or something ...I would like to hear about swaps and see pics of the jobs done to see how engines fit...

                    So as the Story goes about 6 months ago I see this on the back of a Flatdeck going down main Drag here in Vancouver Hastings Street,,,anyways I thought to myself what a Wicked looking Truck, that would be a nice find...I forgot about it and about month or so ago Tow Truck buddy said "Chris I have a Truck for you" he wanted to make a Flatdeck tow truck and lost ambition....So I scored it, Preasure washed all the crap off it claeaned it up for a weekend and am waiting for my plan to come together and start fixing it up...If I get it to turn over I will get it too run if not ...(motor Swap etc.)

                    History about this Truck is as follows, Bought by Burrard Iron Works New...A Very popular Marine Co. in Vancouver here, They sold it in 1966 to a fellow that put it in a safe Dry Storage for one day project...45 years later well that Fellow Past away and the Estate wanted this "Eye Sore" out of the property so they could sell it, Thats how My Tow Truck Buddy ended up with it he was comissioned to remove....Now it is Mine...(party)


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                      Put some effort into preparing to get the engine to run. Plenty of threads on here about people bringing long dormant engines back to life. Most all are successful. Any mechanical part needed for this engine is just a computer click away. A lot less work than the fabricating necessary for an engine swap. No, there are no kits for an engine swap for this vehicle.
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