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SDC or AOAI ??

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  • SDC or AOAI ??

    Being a member of both and an officer in one, do you have to choose at this meet? I want to go to the Polish dinner at the museum, but also wan't to go to the ACD museum also. Now reading the current schedules AOAI shows their trip to ACD on wednesday conflicting with judges training, SDC shows the trip to ACD on friday. After all I did promise Don Berg that I would help with judging class 5 or 6 B. So is there a solution to this problem?? Lou Cote

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    Originally posted by dynolou2 View Post
    >>>So is there a solution to this problem?? Lou Cote
    Just a thought ...get here a day earlier or stay a day later and visit A-C-D Museum on your own. It's open 7 days a week!


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      Well that would be nice but as as working man, and wanting to remain so in this job market,Five paid days off work at one time is all that will allow. Thank You Lou Cote