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    One of the cool advantages of being a Stude vendor, is trading services with other vendors. In this case, I did some stainless work for Rene Harger, and he in turn did up a carpet set (with the elusive "Daytona Weave" material) for the Broadmoor. The car had rubber mats, and they were the first thing I threw away. A highly-optioned, top of the line President just needs carpeting. Rubber mats are for trucks. I also got new black windlace from Rene, too.

    And, since the election is coming up soon, I thought I'd show my support...

    The sticker to the right is one I had made. It reads, "Life Is Too Short To Drive A Boring Car".
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    Love the bumper sticker you had made up. I know those would sell!



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      Excellent, Matt!

      I love seeing these old cars being detailed back into glory as much as I enjoy seeing them restored.
      Dave Lester


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        Here is something on ebay for you and the wagon........



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          Thanks guys.

          Mark, I already have that brochure. I liked it so much that I sought out and found all the other '57 brochures.


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            lookin' good Matt!!!

            Your excitement for that Broadmoor is spreading across the Country, and to other folks and the cars that they own.

            Today I got 'Baby' into a position to yank her (VERY) leaky 259 out!!!
            What goes back into the car is anyone's guess...
            StudeDave '57
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              Originally posted by StudeDave57 View Post
              [SIZE="3"] Your excitement for that Broadmoor is spreading across the Country, and to other folks and the cars that they own.
              Glad to hear that, Dave. Get Baby back on the road!


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                Matt, as "genuine" Studebaker folks go - you're the gold standard. I"m lovin' this wagon as if it were mine. I think the others are too.
                No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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                  Beautiful! I love the progress on this car. And that sticker is the perfect touch!

                  Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                    Gonna be a great car for you Matt, one advantage you have over my Conestoga is yours is 12 volts, that still didn't keep me from driving it all over the midwest. Throw down that back seat and haul most anything. And NEVER let anyone other than yourself close your Upper tailgate, When i had my Conestoga in that Movie, I let some of the people in the movie set on the tailgate. They called for us to go back shooting the movie, and this kid tried to close my upper tailgate with the locks on. it wouldn't close, so he pulled harder and bent one hinge. $50 later I found a NOS hinge. Just a safe heads up.
                    101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.