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Cost of ACD Museum Tour?

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  • Cost of ACD Museum Tour?

    Just got my Avanti Magazine with meet schedule and most of the pricing. However there was no price for the ACD tour, I know the magazine has some lead time, but has a price been set? Only one problem that I see it is schudled the same day as Judges training. Lou Cote

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    Also I went to both ACD and Hostleters Hudson Museum in 2007 when the Hudson National was held in Auburn, both are worth the trip. Our Banquet was held inside ACD Museum, after on our way out lights in the showroom were on at a low level, it was dark outside, it brought you back in time when everything was new [30's]. Lou Cote


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      Cost is $69 per person. See info on the meet site, on the SDC Forum home page. stupak