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Eye Candy 12/9/11: Two very different Bourke sedans

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  • Eye Candy 12/9/11: Two very different Bourke sedans

    York 2010...a custom 53 2dr that really looks like a coupe, and a beautifully turned-out stock 54 4dr Commander.


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    That Commander is there every year. Who's is it, anyone know?
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      If the "coupe" is the car I think it is it started off as a 2 door sedan. A friend and I were looking at it a number of years ago and he interpreted the body tag as such. Of course this one may be different, but look carefully at the hood. It looks to have a little more buldge in the front than a normal c-k hood. I have always like the looks of that car and certainly appreciate the work it took to build it.
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        Exactly...I spent quite a while at that meet walking round that car and staring at it from various angles, before deciding it had to have been a 2dr sedan. In retrospect, the location of the side crease downsweep--if nothing else--is a dead giveaway: it's on the quarter panel, whereas a C-body would have it on the door. The proportions of the front end, as you note, are also higher and bulkier-looking than the C/K cars' noses. This car, though, blurs the lines a bit by being chopped and lowered somewhat; and parking next to the stock '54 sedan made for a very interesting comparison!

        Here are two more angles of the inventive "C-body pretender"...

        And here's the beautiful '54 4dr again.

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          Definitely started as a two door sedan; hood silhouette, rear quarter window, etc.
          General consensus says it is near impossible to improve on the Bourke C/K designs. This custom is quite the improvement over the sedan design.
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            I would not mind seeing more pictures of that four door, please!!!

            She looks alot like I hope Ruby will one day-
            minus some of the accessories, of course.
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              I believe the '54 Commander sedan is owned by Douglas Geouge of Westminster, MD. He usually also takes it to Hershey and if memory serves, drove it on the Orphan Car Tour this past June.