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  • Photos OK @ Adm Bldg Tours

    The Final Arrangements: Administration Building Tours thread seems to be wandering from its original mission, so 'thought I'd better post a new thread 'lest anyone miss this important good addition: Todd Zeiger has just informed us that "Photos won't be a problem."

    To wit: Persons taking the Administration Building Tour Tuesday Evening may bring cameras and take all the photos they'd like. (As an aside, note that light is lower than you might expect inside the building, so plan accordingly.) This could be a good show for your chapter back home during a winter meeting when there is little outside "car" activity.

    As to tour length, we were just informed that each tour will be from 45 minutes to an hour and will cover all the floors except the basement. That is understandable; the basement is a bit dingy and might be dangerous. It also has virtually nothing recognizable as "Studebaker," unlike the other floors, all of which have pleasant Studebaker reminders throughout.

    For those of you making plans to join us, I believe you'll consider your time and money well spent. The building interior is surprisingly as Studebaker left it, considering that it has been over 40 years since it was Studebaker's facility. [:0] BP

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