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Help need copy of title for a 1960 Hawk

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  • Help need copy of title for a 1960 Hawk

    It has been a while since I posted anything on this forum but I need a copy of a title for a 1960, it does not matter what state and the serial number can be whited out. It can be sent via email. The problem is that my 1960 Hawk came out of Switzerland and the German who purchased it never registered it and lost the papers. I need to prove now that Studebaker made such a car by showing the German registration and Customs folks a title for a similar 1960 Studebaker Hawk. The number on the drivers door post is 60V-35829, on the cowl plate: 60 V - C6 513 and on the engine P70 876. If someone could scan a copy of a 1960 Hawk and email it to me at I would be most happy as I will be able to get another Hawk on the road, even if it is in Germany. I am stationed with the US Army here. Thanks to any who can help. Harry